Resorts in Accommodation Rate Up in Turkey

Accommodation rates increase in tourist facilities in Turkey
Accommodation rates increase in tourist facilities in Turkey

The number of accommodations arrival in Turkey last year to 80,87 million, while the number of overnight stays reached 211,29 million.

According to the accommodation statistics published by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, 62,86 percent of those who stayed at the facilities last year were foreign visitors.

The number of arrivals to the accommodation facilities certified by the Ministry and the municipality increased by 2019 percent in 12,38 compared to the previous year and reached 80,87 million, and the number of overnight stays increased by 10,8 percent compared to the previous year and reached 211,29 million.

The average length of stay at the facilities was 2,61 days, and the occupancy rate was 53,48 percent. 24,68 percent of last year's overnight stays took place in municipal-certified accommodation facilities, and 75,32 percent in accommodation facilities with Ministry operating licenses.

Most Visitors to the Facilities Come in June-October 

By months, the facilities hosted the most visitors in June-October. April-October period was the most overnight months.

The highest occupancy rate was reached in August with 77,48 percent throughout the year. Occupancy rate was the lowest in November-March.

Among foreigners, the most overnight visitors were Russians with 23,43 percent, Germany with 19,36 percent, England third with 7,35 percent, Ukraine fourth with 3,19 percent, Poland ranked fifth with 2,99 percent.

The share of other countries in the total was 43,69 percent.

Antalya is the first choice of locals and foreigners 

Domestic visitors spent the most in Antalya last year with 14,68 percent. Antalya was followed by Istanbul, Muğla, İzmir and Ankara, respectively.

Foreign visitors also had the most overnights with 62,9 percent in Antalya. Following this province, Istanbul, Muğla, Aydın and İzmir came respectively.

While Antalya was the first in total overnight stays made by domestic and foreign visitors, Istanbul ranked second, Muğla third, İzmir fourth, and Aydın fifth.

First in Niger Average Stay Time  

In terms of the average length of stay for overseas visitors, Niger took the first place with 4,94 days. Niger was followed by Luxembourg with 4,74 days, Latvia with 4,61 days, England with 4,57 and Micronesia with 4,44.

Five Star Hotels First Choice

The most overnight stay was in 38,26 star hotels with 5 percent.

In the second place, hotels with municipal certificates with 17,88 percent, and in the third place with 17,50-star hotels certified by the Ministry with 4 percent.

3-star hotels ranked fourth, and 1st Class Holiday Villages ranked fifth.

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