Smart Highway Project Charging Wirelessly from Small Inventors

A smart highway project that charges wirelessly from small inventors
A smart highway project that charges wirelessly from small inventors

Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş hosted Bahçeşehir College students, who were nominated for global innovation concession with the 'Wireless Charging Smart Highway Systems' project in the First Lego League (FLL) event held in 80 countries around the world. Mayor Aktaş congratulated all students for the project that will make the roads smarter in Bursa, which will host domestic and national electric cars.

Organized by the Association of Science Heroes in Turkey and self-aware, questioning, in teams of social problems to solutions that can produce a youth upbringing made to order in 80 countries in the world for the First Lego League (FLL) nominated events in the global innovation concessions Bahçeşehir College Bursa Modern Campus Robotic Coding Team, Metropolitan Mayor Alinur visited Aktaş. During the visit attended by School Principal Ayça Tayar, Robotic Team students explained the details of the project. Explaining that the electric vehicles can be charged while driving, the students stated that the system to be installed on the roads will take its energy from the solar panels.

Technology will peak

Expressing that they are very happy to contribute to such a study, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said, “Domestic and national electric cars will be produced in Bursa. This is obviously a revolution for our country and our city. Of course, in this process, I find such a project meaningful and very valuable. Our Science Technology Center, the facilities of our schools, and the opportunities that parents offer to their children are an important indicator of the point where our children and our age have reached. I hope that together with Gökmen Space and Aviation Center, I believe that high technology will peak in Bursa. This project related to wireless charging smart highway systems is also very valuable and important. As you can appreciate, you charge your car for a few hours to go a long way and then you go off. With this application, you are both in navigation and you have the opportunity to charge your vehicle with it. Of course, they have some studies about applicability and sustainability. Hopefully they will also implement it on a highway over time. I would like to thank all our teachers and students who contributed. ”

We are making serious investments

at the point of use of renewable energy sources in recent years made significant investments in Turkey pointed out that President Aktas, "For years, 'Look at the water flows through Turkey's called. But we have now built very serious hydroelectric power plants. We built solar and wind power plants. Even with this beautiful invention of our children, the emergence of smart ways will come to the agenda. In other words, it is very important that this is done even in motion without the need for any fixed shower. You can appreciate that the intense increase in the number of vehicles and the pollution caused by fuels reveal the importance of these projects in today's world. I hope that our children, who we want to see in much better places in the near future, are in front of us with these inventions when they are in the 5th, 6th, 7th grade, and it makes you very proud as a city manager. ”

Science heroes of Bursa gave a gift to President Aktaş from the lego as well as the visit. Mayor Aktaş also gave the power plant team to his little guests.

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