27 March World Railroad Workers Happy Day


Within the TCDD and in the private sector, railway workers who work day and night, snow-winter, feast with great devotion and especially in the regions where the harsh winter conditions prevail, to ensure that the train journeys are not disrupted and the safer transportation of the passengers, the railway workers are working on the railway lines, 27 March World railway workers day, RayHABER As a team, we congratulate you with our sincere and sincere feelings, wish you many nice years in accident-free health and happiness, and remember the railroaders who lost their lives in railroad accidents with respect and mercy.


Railroad, a rail worker
Rails and trains are the working area
Works as summer, winter, rain, snow
Railroad worker works on rails

Hoping goes on the tracks
It operates 7/24 and does not mind
It adds value to the railroads with its labor
The railroad man adds life to the tracks

On the tram, on the subway, on the train
Garda, wagon, suburban train
Everywhere for the comfort of passengers
Railroad at the service of people

Many dangers face railroad
Train accidents are undesired disaster
Working conditions of the railroad are heavy
Railroad worker works without thinking about them

Hearts like a barbecue, thesis souls
Fearless people of railways
Their fate never changes
Railroad, heavy worker of rails

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