24 Hour Cleaning at Kocaeli Intercity Bus Terminal

hours cleaning at the Kocaeli intercity bus terminal
hours cleaning at the Kocaeli intercity bus terminal

TransportationPark, one of the affiliates of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, is cleaning the Kocaeli Intercity Bus Terminal with its cleaning teams 24 hours a day.

2 times a day in disinfection

In addition to the cleaning applications carried out by transportation park 7-24, the points that are constantly in contact are disinfected twice a day. During the day, all areas are deleted and cleaned uninterruptedly. Cleaning staff disinfecting the terminal trades to the counters do not leave an indelible point. X-ray devices are also constantly disinfected and cleaning is applied to all the points that passengers come into contact with.


Additional measures are also taken in the area of ​​the platforms that passengers use the most. The Terminal Directorate, which is in constant communication with the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Veterinary Branch, also makes the passengers travel in a cleaner, healthier environment by spraying the area of ​​the platforms. Possible emergency interventions at the terminal, which is monitored by security guards with 69 cameras in total, also provide cleaning services by instantly reporting the location to the cleaning teams.


As a result of the application carried out by İletişimPark, while the bus was waiting for the bus, it launched an awareness application under the name of a distance seat for the seats in the lobby. Thanks to the distance seats, the passengers will be seated with an interval of one another, thereby removing contact and automatically reducing the risk of infection.

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