TCDD Fees for 2020

years of nursery fees for state railways republic of turkey
years of nursery fees for state railways republic of turkey

Republic of Turkey State Railways, for 2020 announced daycare fees of the Ministry of Finance January 18, 2020 date and 31012 numbered Official Gazette "the communique on Public Social Facilities" Nursery and Infant Care Fees in the section, in the absence of sufficient minimum monthly fee determined by the Communiqué, It has been stated that institutions and organizations are authorized to determine a price above the determined fee. In Article 20 of the section entitled Common Issues, it is stipulated that all expenses of kindergartens and day care centers will be covered by their own income. Since the fees applied are far from covering the operating costs of our enterprise's daycare and day care centers; monthly care fees of children, effective from 15 March 2020, in line with the provisions of the "Communiqué on Public Social Facilities",

  • a) The monthly maintenance fee of 700,00 TL (including VAT) applied to the personnel of our Organization and other Public Institutions and Organizations, retirees and their spouses and children of the child (grandchild, grandchild),
  • b) 50 TL (including VAT), which is 1050,00% more than the tariff determined for the personnel of our Enterprise, to the children of those who are excluded from paragraph (a).
  • c) In the event that the same person has more than one child at the Day Care Center, a discount of% 20 for more than one child will be applied.
  • d) These are among the guesthouses and social facilities of the spouses, mothers, fathers and children of our martyrs, veterans, war and duty disabled people, their spouses, mothers, fathers and their children, which are included in the Prime Ministry Circular No. 24.06.2006/2006 dated 16. it is deemed appropriate for the institutions and organizations to benefit from their salaries. According to the provision, the same fee will be applied for these persons as the TCDD staff.
  • e) A monthly fee is collected in cash for the student whose final registration is made to the Day Care Center. If the student leaves the Nursery within the month, no refund will be made.
  • f) In case of need for maintenance, repair and refurbishment in the Nursery and Day Care Houses, the Nursery Directorate will request a closure for maintenance and repair.

Since it is stated in the Communiqué that the operational costs of the social facilities should not be made from the budget of the relevant institution and organization, any precautions will be taken to cover the operational expenses of the Nursery and Day Care Centers from their revenues and there will be no problem in this regard. In addition, the application principles stated in the Communiqué will be strictly followed. Priority in benefiting from the facilities; Our undertaking will be given to the staff and retirees and their spouses and children of the subsets.

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