2nd International Intelligent Transportation Systems Summit Held in Ankara

international intelligent transportation systems summit was organized in Ankara
international intelligent transportation systems summit was organized in Ankara

SUMMITS International Intelligent Transportation Systems Summit, which brings together our country's country and worldwide stakeholders in Ankara; Transport and Infrastructure Minister M. Cahit Turhan, Deputy Minister Enver İskurt, Director General of Highways Abdulkadir Uraloğl, Intelligent Transportation Systems Turkey President Erol Yanar and with the participation of many important names from March 11 to 12 held in Ankara, Information Technologies and Communications Authority hosted It was performed.

Transport and Infrastructure Minister M. Cahit Turhan said at the opening speech that it was happening in the age of technology and that everything was changing at a dizzying speed.

Its roads are not only a construction structure on which vehicles can go; Emphasizing that drivers, passengers, pedestrians' lives and property are the structures that are entrusted, Turhan said, “We have equipped our country with divided roads that are the way of mind. In 2003, we added an additional 6 thousand 101 kilometers above the 21 thousand 80 kilometers long divided road network and increased it to 27 thousand 181 kilometers. Only 6 provinces with the divided highway connecting from Turkey, today we are a country with 77 provinces linking the divided highway. While 40 percent of our total road network has become divided, 82 percent of traffic has become travelable on divided roads. In this way, we eliminated the risk of head-on collisions. ” said.

Minister Turhan stated that the number of people who lost their lives in accidents decreased by 71 percent despite the increase in traffic volume by divided roads.

Turhan said that the contribution of divided roads to fuel and time savings is over 18 billion liras annually. He explained that harmful gas emissions on the roads decreased by 3,9 million tons and the environment was protected. Turhan stated that they have determined the 2023 strategy for the effective use and dissemination of AUS throughout the country, and at this point, they also closely follow the work done by the European Union countries.

Minister Turhan; He stated that they have expanded “forgiving road applications” such as speed management, regulation of geometrical standards of roads, and application of energy absorbing systems in auto balustrades.

Stating that they completed the construction of two of the AUS Center buildings and put them into service, Turhan said, “We are continuing the construction of one. We also prepared projects for 14 separate AUS Center buildings to be created in our regional offices. We will have completed the video, audio and automation systems of the main AUS Center in May. ” he spoke.

Pointing out that they have established the Transportation Electronic Tracking and Control System, Turhan stated that they have installed fiber optic cables on the 505 kilometers of Antalya - Gazipaşa, Antalya - Tekirova and Antalya - Sandıklı highway routes, which were launched as a smart road pilot application.

On the second day of the organization, General Manager of Highways Abdulkadir Uraloğlu, who spoke at the 'AUS for Traffic Systems' panel; He said the asset value of the 68.247 km road network is 96 billion dollars under the responsibility of the Highways Organization.

Stating that they made 138 intersections with Full Excitation Signal Management and 15 intersections with Semi Excitation Signal Management, Uraloğlu said; In this way, they stated that they achieved a 36 percent reduction in latency per vehicle and 73.500 liters of fuel savings annually.

Reminding that they are working on single pass system in fee collection systems, Uraloğlu noted that they aim to expand the Free Pass System. Uraloğlu, who said that they will start the pilot zone implementation within the scope of the Smart Transportation Systems Project, stated that 505 km fiber network was laid within this scope and their target was to reach the 15 thousand km fiber network throughout the country. General Manager Uraloğlu added that they want to collaborate primarily with local contractors in the Smart Transportation Systems Project.

At the end of the panel, Professor General Manager Abdulkadir Uraloğlu. Dr. AUS Plaque and Memorial Forest Certificate was presented by Mustafa Ilıcalı.

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