Romania's 100-Vehicle Trolleybus Tender Bozankaya'S

romania trolleybus tender bozankayaestate
romania trolleybus tender bozankayaestate

Turkey's first rail vehicle exporter BozankayaThe court made its final decision regarding the trolleybus tender of 100 won in Bucharest.

Turkey's first rail vehicle exporter Bozankayahad won two important tenders last year. The first of these tenders in Romania was the production of 16 low-floor trams for the city of Iasi. The 34-meter-long vehicles, which will be produced in the first project in 30 months, have 5 modules and have a capacity of approximately 270 passengers. Another project was done in the capital Bucharest and BozankayaWon the trolleybus tender of 100 pieces.


Giant tender for 100 vehicles held in February last year BozankayaIt earned 44,5 million euros, or 310 million TL at the current rate, but the process was blocked. Polish Solaris, another company dealing with tenders in Bucharest, brought the process to court. The day before, the Bucharest Court of Appeal announced its decision and refused Polish Solaris's objection to the tender. The court's decision is recognized as a final decision and the Turkish company can start deliveries through this process. BozankayaTrolleybuses have a capacity of 96 passengers and 24 seats. (World)

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