Where is Zigana Ski Center? How to go? How are the prices and accommodation opportunities?

how to get to zigana ski resort, how to get prices and accommodation
how to get to zigana ski resort, how to get prices and accommodation

Zigana Ski Center is located within the boundaries of Zigana Village of Torul district, 40 kilometers from Gümüşhane and 3 km from Zigana Pass. The ski resort is located in the Eastern Black Sea Region of the Black Sea. The length of the facility is 661 meters. It has a capacity of 843 people per hour.

Zigana Ski Center Track Information Ski areas are between 1.900 and 2.500 meters. The width of the track is between 100 and 200 meters and has a slope of 20 percent. Tools and equipment required for continuous service on the tracks are sufficient. If you are going to ski for the first time, you can get help from experienced teachers. There is 1 teleskis in Zigana Ski Center. There is also a baby lift facility.

Is there a hotel for accommodation purposes in Zigana Ski Center?

There is a ski hotel for accommodation in the ski center. Apart from this, Bulgalov houses have restaurants. The restaurant is open all year. Due to its distance from Gümüşhane and Trabzon, you can come to the Ski Center and enjoy skiing.

Rental Prices of Ski Equipment at Zigana Ski Center (2020 Actual)

  • Unlimited skipass (50 TL per person)
  • Ski team rental (50 TL per person)
  • Snowboard rental (50 TL per person)
  • Sled rental (20 TL per person)
  • Profit engine tour (150-300 TL per person) varies according to the tour.

How to get to Zigana Ski Center?

Zigana Ski Center is located within the borders of Zigana Village of Torul district of Gümüşhane. The property is 40 km from Gumushane. You can easily reach Zigana Ski Center by your private vehicle, by bus or by air.

If you want to come with your private vehicle, you can reach the ski center after 60 km in the east direction after passing the Zigana Pass, located on the 3,5th kilometer of the Gümüşhane-Trabzon road.

Those who come by intercity buses can arrive in a short time thanks to the tour buses departing from the bus station after getting off at Gümüşhane Bus Terminal.

For those who will travel by plane, there is a shuttle service from the airport to the ski center, which is 60 km after landing at Trabzon Airport. In the same way, it is possible to return to the airport by returning with the shuttle.

Zigana Ski Center Contact Number: 0 (456) 629 10 04


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