Metrobus Accidents Reduced with Trainings Given

metrobus accidents decreased with the trainings given
metrobus accidents decreased with the trainings given

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General for Transportation İbrahim Orhan Demir said that psychotechnical studies are carried out for all drivers in order to further reduce the accidents on the metrobus line.

Iron. “IETT General Directorate, which operates the metrobus line that operates 7/24, is carrying out serious efforts to minimize accidents. All drivers are trained at least once a year on subjects such as emergency, fire, physical properties of vehicles, safe driving.

Metrobus drivers are provided with psychological support to withstand intense stress and close driving to autonomy. Specialist psychologists who observe the drivers while using the bus and chat between them during rest; They provide support through trainings such as effective communication skills, stress management, anger control, conflict and crisis management, and occupational diseases.

Psychotechnical studies for drivers are carried out in the Mental Health and Psychotechnical Assessment Center at IETT İkitelli Garage. Psychologists offer mental health screenings, drama training and individual psychological counseling services to IETT drivers. In the center; tests such as selective attention, constant attention, response speed, reasoning, visual perception, continuity in visual perception, speed and distance perception, hand-eye coordination, personality inventory for driving are also applied.

On the other hand, even in order to reduce accidents even more, vehicles have been fitted with an early warning system in the past months. With the technological system, objects in traffic are detected at a distance of 80 meters and the driver is warned visually and audibly. With the trainings given, psychological support studies and technological measures, the number of accidents, which was 2018 in 404, decreased by 2019 percent in 44, to 256. ” used expressions



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