Uludag Winter Festival Cardboard Sled Competition Has Breaked

Uludag Winter Festival Cardboard Sled Competition Has Breaked
Uludag Winter Festival Cardboard Sled Competition Has Breaked

The winners of the Carton Girl Competition held within the scope of the Uludağ Winter Festival, organized for the fourth time this year by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, were rewarded with gold. The awards of first, second and third places in 2 different groups were presented by Ahmet Bayhan, Head of the Press and Public Relations Department of the Metropolitan Municipality.

The competition, in which the participants of the second day of the Uludağ Winter Festival showed great interest and 36 people competed, was held in the 2nd Development Zone Kurbağakaya Teleferik Station Square. The award ceremony of the event, which was breaking through, was held in the same area. The event, organized in coordination with the Metropolitan Municipality and Bursa Tourism Promotion Union, was planned in the categories of "Best Design" and "Best Time". In the 'Best Design' category, Enes Balta came first with 85 points, Hüma Yılmaz with 80 points and Muratcan Turan with 75 points. In the 'Best Time' category, Hüma Yılmaz came first with 64 meters, Ömer Eymen second with 55 meters, and Abdullah Coşar third with 50 meters. The winners were awarded with full prize, the second with half, and the third with a quarter of gold.

In his statement at the award ceremony, Ahmet Bayhan, the Head of the Metropolitan Municipality Press and Public Relations Department, reminded that they have been organizing the cardboard sled competition for 2 years and stated that they are trying to further develop the event in the coming years. Stating that similar organizations were held in Russia and Scandinavian countries, and different and remarkable designs in Bursa also appeared in the competition, Bayhan thanked those who contributed to the event.

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