Warning for 24 Months Unpaid Catenary Compensation at TÜVASAŞ

Warning for 24 Months Unpaid Catenary Compensation at TÜVASAŞ
Warning for 24 Months Unpaid Catenary Compensation at TÜVASAŞ

Transport Officer-Sen wrote a warning letter to the General Directorate of TÜVASAŞ due to the fact that the Catenary compensation, which was converted into a gain in the Collective Agreement made in 2017, was paid by TCDD's other Subsidiaries, as TÜVASAŞ did not pay the 2018-month compensation for 2019 and 24.

Making a statement on the subject, Transport Officer-Sen President Kenan Çalışkan; “We won the catenary compensation in the 2018th Term collective agreement covering the years 2019-4 with the initiative of our union. As it is known, the provisions of the Collective Agreement are in the nature of law and after the decisions are published in the Official Gazette, they are ex officio applied by the institutions within the relevant periods without the need for any other legislation and application.

In the 2018th Term Collective Agreement covering the years of 2019-4, the catenary compensation clause is as follows: "An additional fee of 46 TL is paid to the staff of the Turkish State Railways General Directorate and its subsidiaries in the workplaces where the catenary line passes."

The same provision was preserved during the 2019th Term Collective Agreement in 5 and the amount of compensation was increased to 2020 TL for 2021-55.

However, despite the fact that other Subsidiaries paid this compensation to the employees, the Catenary Compensation payment mentioned above was not made to the personnel working at TÜVASAŞ within the 2018 months period between January 2019 and December 24.

For this reason, illegal transactions have been established by TÜVASAŞ. Both the provisions of the collective bargaining provisions, which were in effect due to the failure to pay compensation, were acted against, and the personnel were victimized financially.

The payment of the Catenary Compensation at TÜVASAŞ has been started with a delay of 01.01.2020 years as of 2 and the decision of the Administrative Board of the Institution has been indicated as the reason for the start. TÜVASAŞ Management's assessment of the said payment within the scope of the JCC and the fact that it has started to pay by 2020 and has not paid the previous period is an unlawful situation.

We demanded that all personnel who have the right to receive catenary compensation within the body of TÜVASAŞ, taking into consideration the provisions of the collective agreement mentioned above, we have requested the TCDD General Directorate to pay the compensations covering 01.01.2018 -31.12.2019, ”he said.

President Kenan Çalışkan stated that TÜVASAŞ will go to the judiciary and follow the developments closely as Union if the staff does not pay their 24-month compensation after this warning.


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