Shouldn't TÜDEMSAŞ's Fate be Like Sivas Iron and Steel

Let the result of tudemsas not be like Sivas iron steel
Let the result of tudemsas not be like Sivas iron steel

We are concerned that TÜDEMSAŞ, one of the most important employment areas of Sivas, will be like Sivas Demir Çelik, which has been closed and made idle in the past years.

Peker, although we have repeatedly called for lawmakers and bureaucrats on the issue of extending their business and expanding their business, we see that there is no work done at this point. We call again to our Sivas deputies from here, please deal with TÜDEMSAŞ. Do your best to increase the investment allowance for the organization, which is far behind the 1980s in terms of production and employment, to provide business from the domestic and foreign markets.

Peker, who says that TÜDEMSAŞ is an institution that is equipped with both administrative and technical personnel, says Peker, if it is possible, we do it in the tank, we do it in the car, and the value added to the country market and Sivas market cannot be denied by anyone. Approximately 10 million TL of hot money is flowing to the market monthly, and if we consider that this money is cut, our tradesmen will be in bad condition.

For this distinguished establishment, which is the lifeblood of Sivas, to stand up again, we should put our hands under the stone as NGOs, political parties and all Sivas people. We expect nobody to play in the stands.

Peker thanked MHP Sivas Deputy Ahmet Özyürek, who is interested in the problems of TÜDEMSAŞ, on behalf of the union.


Peker, I say to those who have been trying to discredit the institution, knowing and unwillingly about the unpleasant rumors about TÜDEMSAŞ in the last days, if your personal accounts have a crime or mistake, our related institutions make a judicial and administrative investigation and give the necessary punishment. We want TÜDEMSAŞ to be on the agenda with the wagons it produces. Finally, I wish all our staff success in taking the exams for promotion and title changes, and I hope that they will win merit, not politics.

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