TÜDEMSAŞ Shrank 40 Percent in 80 Years

Tudemsas took a hundred percent a year
Tudemsas took a hundred percent a year

Transport and Railway Employees Rights Union President Abdullah Peker said that all political powers are indifferent in the shrinkage of TÜDEMSAŞ from past to present. ”

Peker, in his press release, stated that he has contributed to the National economy by enlarging Factories in the same situation in different provinces and invited Sivas people to claim TÜDEMSAŞ.

Peker said that while the institution that produced and repaired freight wagons, which had employment areas for more than five thousand workers and 1980 civil servants in the 500s, had more than 5 thousand workers in the past years, Peker said, “There is a lack of interest in all political powers in the shrinkage of TÜDEMSAŞ. Factories in the same situation in different provinces were enlarged and contributed to the national economy. To achieve economic stability, to achieve industrialization, to increase our share in international trade, to improve the market economy, to increase total efficiency in the economy, to reach a high level of employment in industry and services, to reduce the unemployment, to increase and expand the level of welfare, to achieve, to integrate with the world. ” used the expression.


Emphasizing that TÜDEMSAŞ should also contribute to the national industry field in wagon manufacturing as well as the electrical automotive sector, which has recently started to make progress, Peker said, “The primary customer of these producers, which is a public institution and whose capital is almost entirely owned by TCDD, itself. The association conducted in an environment where there is competition, efficiency and technological development in the globalized world, against only with TCDD demand in Turkey is impossible to survive with the existing bodies of these institutions. Continuous technological development and efficiency is the basic principle. The factor that keeps this alive constantly is competition. In today's world, there is an intense and rapidly increasing competition in the manufacturing and manufacturing of railway vehicles. As a result, TÜDEMSAŞ, which operates in the railway vehicles manufacturing and repair sector in our country, must comply with this trend in the world in order to develop technologies that can meet different demands in the market and to produce at a cost that can compete with world prices. The existing structure should be abandoned rapidly and a new structure should be created that can keep up with the rapid technological development of today, that can compete with other producers, whose production quality, cost and after-sales services are competitive with other producers, and that is free from bureaucracy and political influences. ”


Peker said, “The management of 3 institutions that are planned to be merged separately to be more effective and efficient means decreasing bureaucracy and making quick decisions. As a result, the fields of activity of these institutions are different. It is understood that the combination of different infrastructures and machines used in the freight or passenger wagon sector will not reflect positively. NO COMBINATION As a union, we predict that a more appropriate decision will be made. We invite all of our Sivas citizens to protect TÜDEMSAŞ. ” used expressions ..

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