Ankara Istanbul Travel Time Will Be 30 Minutes With The New YHT

With the new yht, ankara istanbul cruise time will be shorter
With the new yht, ankara istanbul cruise time will be shorter

Minister Turhan, TCDD Tasimacilik AS. In his speech at the 1st General Coordination and Consultation Meeting of the General Directorate, he said that the company is one of the most favorite establishments recently.

Stating that transportation is a very strategic area that affects the economic, political, social and cultural life of the country, Turhan said, the good operation and evaluation of the resources, the development of domestic and foreign trade, the continuity of daily life in prosperity, ensuring security, widespread knowledge and increasing social interaction, political participation. He reported that the development of democracy awareness and spreading in a way to cover the citizen is directly related to the transportation network.

Turhan, as in the world, Turkey also voiced the main backbone of the railway transport network.

“1,5 billion dollars of investment in railways annually”

Pointing out that the country has started to invest an average of 2003 billion dollars every year on railways, which became a government policy after 1,5, Turhan said that a total of 1213 kilometers of new railway lines, 1844 kilometers of which are YHT lines, were built.

Turhan explained that through the implementation of the sector's liberalization practices, the dissemination of the YHT and high-speed train (HT) network, completing the renewal process of the existing lines, making the entire lines electric and signaled, expanding the logistics centers, and developing the domestic and national railway industry are among the priority policies. .

Pointing out that TCDD's railway infrastructure operator and TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ started operating as a railway train operator, Turhan said that the organization provides freight and passenger transportation services on 1213 thousand 12 kilometers of railway network, 803 of which are YHT line. .

Turhan stated that as of today, 81 of 57 provinces and 287 towns and about 10 thousand villages connected to these provinces have been transported by rail, and an average of 23 thousand are transported annually by high-speed trains and 48 thousand passengers per day by Marmaray and Başkentray. reported that 407 thousand passengers were served.

“We bought 12 new YHT sets”

Turhan said that 4 flights are organized daily in 44 destinations: Ankara-Istanbul, Ankara-Konya, Ankara-Eskişehir and Konya-Istanbul.

“We provide YHT service to 42 percent of the population. According to the latest satisfaction survey, we see that 85 percent of our passengers are generally satisfied with YHTs and the services provided. It is necessary to move this higher. 12 of the 2 new YHT sets ordered to increase service quality and number of voyages were received. Their tests are about to be completed. After the tests, we will put these sets into service one by one in Ankara-Konya, Ankara-Eskişehir and Ankara-Sivas line when opened. Then, we will start operating express YHTs on the Ankara-Istanbul-Ankara line. Thus, we will shorten the Ankara-Istanbul cruise time by 30 minutes. ”

Expressing that important works such as e-ticket and WhatsApp line application have been implemented in order to increase the quality of service in passenger transportation and to make use of communication and information technology in order to facilitate the lives of passengers, Turhan said that they have been innovating in call centers to enable disabled passengers to receive ticket and consultation services more easily and He expressed that they have implemented the Orange Table application.

Minister Turhan also pointed out that about 170 thousand tons of cargo are transported every day with 80 voyages and that there are 16 major ports, organized industrial zones, coal, iron ore, chrome, boron, magnesite and marble mining centers and heavy industrial establishments. he underlined.

Informing that more than 29 million tons of cargo were transported last year, Turhan stated that 40 percent of the transports were made through junction lines.

“The target for 2023 is to transport 329 million passengers and 30 million tons of cargo”

Referring to the works carried out in order to contribute to the private sector in the sector, Turhan said, “718 freight wagons and 20 locomotives have been rented so far to open the way for the private sector. We aim for the rapid growth of the railway transportation sector with private rail freight train operators. ” used expressions.

Turhan emphasized that the goal of 2023 was 329 million passengers and 30 million tons of cargo, and believed that they would be caught.

Pointing out that they serve with the most advanced technologies in the world, Turhan said, “But let's not forget how big the fault and responsibility of the slightest mistake is. Not only you managers, but 11 thousand employees should feel this plague and responsibility in all their cells. ” found the assessment.

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