Trabzon Beach Road Will Be Crossed By 22 Bridges

Trabzon coast road will be overrun
Trabzon coast road will be overrun

Minister Turhan, who came to Trabzon for various investigations, first visited the construction site of the General Directorate of Highways on the road to Trabzon-Maçka district and met with the relevant people.

Turhan then went to the Zigana Tunnel construction site and toured the area where the models, images and the materials used in the construction of the tunnel were promoted.

Turhan, who examined the models one by one and received information about the ongoing works, then made a review in the Zigana Tunnel.

Turhan later examined the Kanuni Boulevard Road in Ortahisar district and met with the relevant authorities.

In his speech here, Turhan said that they visited the construction sites to get information about the on-site seeing, inspection and progress of some projects carried out by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure in Trabzon.

Stating that they first visited the construction site of “Trabzon-Maçka Split Road” between Trabzon and Maçka, Turhan continued as follows: “This part of the divided road works has been completed before, but of course the Black Sea Coastal Road of this route to Eastern Anatolia Region and our eastern neighbors. We have included the Değirmendere Tunnel and the Pottery Tunnel works in this project to solve some of the heavy traffic problems in the city as a route connecting the border gates to the border gates, and we have included the Değirmendere Tunnel and the Pottery Tunnel works in this project, and the solution to the problems especially at the port intersection, Değirmendere intersection. We are starting the work of these tunnel and intersection projects prepared to produce them today. ”

Minister Turhan stated that they visited the construction of the Zigana Tunnel, which is under construction between the second project, Trabzon-Gümüşhane, and added: “Work in this tunnel continues rapidly. Excavation works have been completed by 65 percent, concreting works have been completed by 45 percent. Especially in the winter, during the snow and icy seasons, when the Zigana Tunnel, which we built in order to relieve transportation in this region, which causes interruption in transportation from time to time, is completed, the section of 22 kilometers decreases to 8 kilometers with the shortening of 14 kilometers. We will provide considerable time savings and uninterrupted transportation. Also, with the commissioning of the tunnel, significant operational and fuel savings will be achieved. ”

“Kanuni Boulevard is a total project of 28 kilometers”

Stating that the third project is the Kanuni Boulevard, which will separate the Trabzon city pass and the Black Sea Coastal Traffic and ensure the rapid flow of transit traffic, Turhan said, “Kanuni Boulevard is a total of 28 kilometers in length. In this project, which connects the city from the south, we make 22 bridged crossroads that will provide connection to residential areas in the city. We also have 8 double tube tunnels on the project route. ” he spoke.

Turhan said that their total length is 6 thousand 800 meters, and it also includes a 441 meter long tunnel as a single tube.

Pointing out that Kanuni Boulevard will perform an important task by comfortably providing traffic in the main arteries concentrated in the city, Turhan said, “Until today, the 5-kilometer-long coastal Star junction and parts of the Akyazı region were opened. Hopefully, we will have completed and opened 2 kilometers of sections until the Erdoğdu crossroad in March. ” said.

“We will also ease the transit traffic on the coastal road”

Karşıyaka Emphasizing that the transportation within the city will be more comfortable when the viaduct is completed, Turhan said that they will also ease the transit traffic on the coastal road as well as providing fast and easy transportation with this viaduct and tunnels.

Turhan emphasized that one of the main objectives of the project is to relieve the part of the Black Sea Coastal Road in the city crossing of Trabzon.

Stating that they aim to open the 5-kilometer section including the Boztepe tunnel and Bahçecik tunnel in the continuation of the Erdoğdu intersection to the Çukurçayır intersection, Turhan made it easier and more convenient for people living in the new settlements of Trabzon to the education, health, culture and trade centers in the city. He noted that people living in the city would make it go to Erzurum-Maçka direction without bringing additional traffic load to the coastal road.

Turhan stated that the Governorship, municipalities, other public institutions and the General Directorate of Highways, the executive of the project, closely follow the projects and are working hard to present them to the citizens as soon as possible.

Minister Turhan later informed on the map with the project details.

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