Protest March from CHP for Bursa's Endless Project T2 Tram Line

the endless project of the chpden scholarship t protest hostel for the tram line
the endless project of the chpden scholarship t protest hostel for the tram line

CHP Bursa Provincial President İsmet Karaca held a protest march to react to the T2 tram line, the construction work of which was not completed.

Republican People's Party Bursa Provincial President İsmet Karaca continues to examine the unfinished and unfinished investments on site.

In order to examine the T2 line on site and show its reaction, Karaca, along with the CHP council members, walked from the front of As Merkez to the front of Kent Square Shopping Center.

CHP Bursa Deputies Nurhayat Altaca Kayışoğlu and Erkan Aydın also attended the march. Also, CHP's Mudanya Mayor Hayri Türkyılmaz and Gemlik Mayor Mehmet Uğur Sertaslan took part in the march.


Karaca, in a press release at Kent Square, said, “This project is wrong from start to finish, 133 million pounds of money is all over, 80 percent of the construction is over, but the mechanical part has never been made, we need another 133 million. This project is wrong, this line needs to extend to Demirtaş for its longevity, or its daily passenger capacity will be limited to 5 thousand. In addition, as in every part of the world, it needs to be integrated with the metro, but the project could not be done because our managers produce projects with their dreams. 133 million of Bursa decaying here, this money is ours. The end date of the project is 2018 but it is still not clear when it will be finished. We have expressed our views on this line in the city council for two years, but the authorities closed their ears and this time we expressed our reaction by walking ”.


CHP Bursa MP Nurhayat Altaca Kayışoğlu said, “Bursa turned into a project dump. Crocodile Arena, Fast train and T2 line. Although the price is fully paid, no project is complete. It seems very clear that they could not manage. We will fight to protect the transportation problems of Bursa people and to solve their transportation problems. ”(Ezgi Kayı /the Bursadabug)



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