TCDD Former General Manager İsa Apaydın At the Faculty of Technology

tcdd ex-general manager jesus at apaydin technology faculty
tcdd ex-general manager jesus at apaydin technology faculty

Spring Semester has started with the first lesson activities at SUBÜ. In the first lessons of the period, prominent names and sector representatives came together with students at faculties and vocational schools.

The 2019-2020 Academic Year Spring Semester at Sakarya University of Applied Sciences (SUBU) started with the first course activities held at faculties and vocational schools. In the first lessons of the semester, leading names and sector representatives met with students. The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), Former Director General İsa Apaydın At the Faculty of Technology, President of Sakarya Bar Association Att. Abdurrahim Burak Sakarya Vocational School and Karasu Mayor İshak Sarı was the guest of the first lesson activity in Karasu Vocational School.

The importance of engineering knowledge in export

TCDD Former General Manager İsa Apaydın During the first lesson activity of the Faculty of Technology, he made a detailed presentation on innovations and developments in the field of transportation. Pointing out to the importance of engineering knowledge in the development and application of railway and transportation technologies, Apaydın underlined that domestic train systems were also produced with these competencies, thereby capturing a trend that evolved from import to export. Referring to the new investments and new job opportunities in the sector, and then answering the questions of the students, Apaydın, Dean of the Faculty of Technology at the end of the event. Dr. Plaque and table were presented by Yusuf Çay.

Sections from business life

Lütfü Sunman, Sakarya Furniture Manufacturers Industry Site Construction Cooperative (SAMİKOP), gave the first lesson of the Spring Semester at the Faculty of Applied Sciences in Kaynarca. Having made a presentation titled 'Sections from Business Life', Sunman shared his experience in business life and emphasized the importance of foreign language knowledge as well as his work experience in the student process.

Students recognized the law profession

Meeting with the students at the Sakarya Vocational School, the President of the Sakarya Bar Association Abdurrahim Burak gave the students information about the duties of the bar associations and the attorney profession. He also provided information on the legislation. In the first lesson activity at Karasu Vocational School, Karasu Mayor İshak Sarı met with the students. Giving various information about municipal services and investments to students under the title of “Karasu's Present and Future”, Mayor Sarı stated that they will evaluate the demands and demands of the students along with the school management.

Cooperation in sports

The first lesson of the Faculty of Sport Sciences was given by İlhan Şerif Aykaç, Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Youth and Sports Services Department Head. Referring to the activities, services and investments aimed at increasing youth and sports activities by the Metropolitan Municipality, Aykaç also shared details about the institutional cooperation with SUBU Faculty of Sport Sciences. At the end of the presentation, Dean of the Faculty of Sport Sciences. Dr. Nevzat Mirzeoğlu presented a plaque to İlhan Aykaç.

Sapanca Vocational School the best of my life kazanthen my

Businessman Mehmet Tok was the guest of the first lecture event at SUBÜ Sapanca Vocational School. Sharing his life experience with the students, Tok drew attention to the importance of getting a good job, assimilating social values ​​and learning the culture. He gave advice on thinking broadly and being brave in life. Sapanca Vocational School, to which he made great financial contribution, is the most beautiful school in his life. kazanEmphasizing that I am a teacher, Tok'a at the end of the lesson, Director of the School Prof. Dr. Oğuz Türkay presented a plaque.

40 years of experience met with students

Meeting with the students at the first course activity at Geyve Vocational School, Sakarya Electricity Distribution Corporation (SEDAŞ) Talent Expert Pınar Başol made a presentation on 'Equal Opportunities' and made career recommendations to students. Sapanca tourism guest of the event is the first course in the Vocational School Turkey Travel Agencies Association (TÜRSAB) Chairman of the Board of Directors was the eastern Marmara Aytekin Şahinbaş. Şahinbaş, who shares the highlights of his 40 years of experience in the industry with students, also answered the questions that he was curious about.

Human resources management in the digitalized business world

The first course activity at Akyazı Vocational School was held with the participation of Erol Koç, who previously served as Human Resources Manager in various institutions, and Sinan Gül, who worked as an architect in Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality. Akyazı Vocational School Director Dr. at the end of the event, to the participants who shared information on human resources management and urban aesthetics and different architectural practices in institutions that came to different points with the technology developing in education. The faculty member Aydın Şenol and his Assistant Director were presented a certificate of appreciation by Hasan Ali Özdemir.

Developments in the food industry

The first course at Pamukova Vocational School was taught by DyDo Human Resources Specialist Taner Sağlam. Providing information to students about innovations, developments and their own business lines in the food sector, Sağlam; He also answered questions from students. At the end of the course, Pamukova Vocational School Director Assoc. Dr. A certificate of appreciation was presented by Fatih Sönmez.

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