Destination Electric Or Hybrid Bus After New Metrobus Purchase

target electric or hybrid bus after new metrobus purchase
target electric or hybrid bus after new metrobus purchase

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) is scaling the metrobus, which has become the indispensable part of the life of Istanbulites, and is the subject of jokes and parodies due to the length and density of the line. IMM, which has accelerated the project of renewal of the stations with high density, Ekrem İmamoğluThe work of renewing old vehicles with high-capacity and environmentally friendly buses, which . Participating in the test drive of two new vehicles, İmamoğlu said, “We want to act fast. By making the right decision, we will ensure that the metrobus turns into a safer, more comfortable and faster means of transportation.” he said.

Providing information about the place and future of the metrobus line in Istanbul transportation, İBB Deputy Secretary General for Transportation İbrahim Orhan Demir said that the transportation system established on the E-5 Highway, where the city's busiest population and business centers are located, is in high demand from the citizens. Indicating that the average number of daily trips in the Metrobus approaches 1 million and sometimes exceeds, Demir said, "We may experience congestion and disruption from time to time because of the density, breakdowns and accidents we manage with a good system like Metro."

In order to reduce the waiting time and the intensity of the passengers at the station, Demir said that they run the buses as triple trains, that the downloads were made a little behind the station in some stops, and that Istanbulkart was printed at the tolls such as the metro, Demir gave the following information about the improvement works of the line:


“1 million passengers a day is above the capacity of the metrobus. One of the things that can be done to increase the capacity more is to increase the size of the vehicles. We plan to buy 21 new vehicles, the length of which is between 24-200 meters and can carry 230-300 passengers. With new buses, we will increase the line's passenger capacity by approximately 25 percent. However, the capacity of overpasses and stairs used to access the line should also be increased. We also work in this direction. Another method is to develop an autonomous driving technique where vehicles go closer together, reducing unused space on the road and increasing capacity. ” Reminding that they have recently tested two different brand buses, Orhan Demir stated that the new vehicles will have a high capacity, comfortable and disabled design. Demir said, “Unfortunately, these vehicles are not produced and offered for sale like cars. You decide, you even choose the interior design and then it starts to be produced. For this reason, it takes 6 months for new vehicles to go into service in Istanbul. ” said.


Stating that they also focus on projects that will distribute the metrobus passenger to other transportation systems, Orhan Demir said that they will integrate Marmaray and metrobus. Stating that Marmaray is not a very effective way to reduce the density of the metrobus even though it is a parallel line, Demir continued as follows: “A passenger crossing the Bosphorus will choose either metrobus or Marmaray. According to Metrobus, having a side of the sea and staying on the beach has some effect on the low capacity of Marmaray. But the main factor is that our people are sensitive to the travel fare due to the low level of income. Fares in Istanbul determine travel preferences. Marmaray's price is less preferred because it is more expensive than IMM's metrobus, metro and buses. Also, passengers who pass from the metro or bus to Marmaray cannot benefit from the transfer discount. Our citizens flee from Marmaray for these reasons. However, the passenger capacity of Marmaray is very high. For this reason, we have tried to include Marmaray in ticket integration by UKOME decision. We are not on the 'we did it' side. We will also talk to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. We also plan free bus services from metro and metrobus lines to Marmaray for better integration. When you do these two together, the metrobus line can be somewhat relaxed. ”


İBB has relieved the pedestrian circulation a little by renewing the Beylikdüzü, Şirinevler, Bahçelievler, Merter Stations, where there is a high density in the metrobus. As the ÜsküdarÇekmeköy Metro was recently put into service, the stairs of Altunizade Station, whose density increased twice, were expanded. Works for the renewal of Edirnekapı Station started. Florya and Beşyol Stations, where congestion is experienced, will be combined with another work that will start in a short time, and a new and larger station will be created. On the other hand, CevizliThe vineyard, Mecidiyeköy and Bosphorus Bridge Stations were made suitable for the disabled. Elevators were added to the stations without elevators, the damaged elevators were repaired and the maintenance was frequent. Tender was also made to make Çağlayan and Acıbadem Stations suitable for the disabled. Works at these two stops will be completed in June.


Drawing attention to the fact that the vehicles they plan to buy will increase the passenger volume on the one hand and reduce the environmental pollution that causes climate change, Orhan Demir pointed out that their next goal is to make an environmentally friendly investment by buying an electric or hybrid bus. Stating that fully electric vehicles using batteries can cause problems due to the length and charging time of the metrobus route, Demir said, “In order to charge these batteries, the city's electrical infrastructure must be very strong. Germany invested 20 billion euros to recharge electric vehicles. If the metrobus system is in the form of trolleybus, which takes its electricity from the catarrhal, it will be much more suitable for the electrical system. So there will be no battery problem, it will go on the same route. For this reason, the vehicles we are talking about now are hybrid; but in the future, buses that will turn to electricity like trolleybuses ”.


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