Social Entrepreneurs Meet at Istanbul Airport

social entrepreneurs meet at istanbul airport
social entrepreneurs meet at istanbul airport

Istanbul Airport, which is designed as a social life space beyond being an airport IGA Social Hackathon (Social Hack) opens its doors to social entrepreneurs. Intelligent digital solutions to social problems will be developed at IGA Social Hack, where social entrepreneurs, graphic designers, interface designers and project managers will come together on March 20-22, 2020.

Turkey's Istanbul Airport is the gateway to the world, to contribute to social initiatives and to develop creative solutions to social problems, which will bring together social entrepreneurs is organizing the HDI Social hacking contest. Social scientists, software developers and entrepreneurs meet at Istanbul Airport on March 20-22, 2020 to build a better world.

With the development of projects ranked in İGA Social Hack after the competition, it is aimed to realize project ideas with social benefits and to support social entrepreneurship.

Contribution to social development and sustainability at İGA Social Hack…

The application process will take place until February 15, 2020, and the participants are expected to develop business or project ideas under two different topics. Participants will focus on socio-economic development with sustainable, innovative and human-centered project ideas on Decent Work and Economic Growth in the context of IGA Social Hack.

In the context of socio-economic development; entrepreneurship projects, including agriculture and animal husbandry, for the local people living in neighborhoods adjacent to the airport, promoting youth employment, ensuring the integration of women into socio-economic life, benefiting the society, It is expected that positive additive projects will be produced to increase the comfort of the passengers.

The participants will produce business or project ideas on sustainability and environmental issues such as adaptation to climate change, disaster preparedness, sustainable food supply, waste management in the topic of Livable and Sustainable Cities / Communities.

The best project will be supported up to 100 thousand TL

In İGA Social Hack, where the participants will compete in groups of 20 between 22-2020 March 4, 3 groups that will be in the top 6 in two different topics will try to move on to the second stage where they will develop their project ideas. As a result of the first stage, the top ranking groups will receive 1 TL as the first prize, 5.000 TL as the 2nd prize and 3.000 TL as the 3rd prize.

After the Social Hack, 6 groups that ranked in two different topics will pass to the second stage on April 18, 2020. The groups will present their projects at the event attended by a large number of experts and the applications that are suitable for the grant call will be evaluated by the jury, and the first project will be supported up to 100.000,00 ₺ if the support is deemed appropriate.

Evaluating the İGA Social Hack issue, Kadri Samsunlu, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of İGA Airport Operations said, “Istanbul Airport, which is a global hub in its first year with its unique architecture, strong infrastructure, superior technology and high-level travel experience, is also a social living area. comes to the fore. We organize IGA Social Hack to draw attention to social issues and to provide solutions to social problems. By supporting social entrepreneurs with software developers and graphic designers, we support people to develop creative solutions to the problems they face every day. We will support the realization of innovative, feasible, original and socially beneficial business or project ideas. We continue our works by prioritizing social development and sustainability issues as well as the importance we attach to operational success and passenger satisfaction at Istanbul Airport. ”

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