Şanlıurfa Countryside Is Equipped With Concrete Roads

sanliurfa kirsali is equipped with concrete roads
sanliurfa kirsali is equipped with concrete roads

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality offers the worn-out, old rural roads to the service of the citizens by equipping them with more durable concrete roads.

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality strengthens rural roads of Şanlıurfa by building long-lasting and durable concrete roads. Metropolitan Municipality Rural Services Department teams recently accelerated the construction of concrete roads in Haliliye, Eyyübiye, Viranşehir and Siverek districts. Within the scope of the works; In the Haliliye District, the construction works of the approximately 20 km long road, known as the Safe, Bead, Finger Gate and Strut Group road and connected to the tourism road, are being carried out meticulously. When the concrete road application is completed in the region, 20-25 rural neighborhoods will benefit from this service.

The teams also started the construction of concrete roads in the rural areas of Kemerli-Yazgüneşi-Malta-Gürpınar-Yağızlar in Viranşehir district, 9 + 400 km of Siverek District and Mezra-Kayalı-Güngürmez Neighborhoods. In Eyyübiye District, on the 20 + 300 km road between Karaali-Omuroba-Akmeşat, art building works continue.


Completing the infrastructure works with great care before the concrete casting process, Metropolitan Municipality teams make the concrete road longer and more durable by strengthening the ground with wire mesh irons used during concrete casting. Concrete roads that are not obtained from petro chemistry imported product such as asphalt, obtained from completely national sources, stand out as both durable and long-lasting and the ways in which national sources are used.

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