Sakarya Nostalgic Tram Project Changed

sakarya nostalgic tram project changed
sakarya nostalgic tram project changed

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality February Assembly Meeting was held in the Metropolitan Municipality Assembly Hall. At the meeting where 4 additional agendas were discussed with 48 additional agenda items after the agenda speeches, President Ekrem Yüce said that the nostalgic tram will work in the first place between Yeni Cami - Hilmi Kayın business center.

Nostalgic Tram

SBB President Ekrem Yüce spoke about the nostalgic tram project in the agenda of the Assembly's agenda. Sublime; “We will do primarily from Yenicami to Hilmi Kayın (business center). We will observe this. Depending on the situation, we will extend to the part of Çark Avenue which is closed to pedestrians and from there to the National Garden.

The Nation Garden has come to an end

Commenting on the studies, President Yüce said, “The final stage has been reached in the Garden of the National where all our fellow citizens are waiting excitedly. After a short while, we will open it all together. We are building a Millet Coffee House inside the Millet Garden. Our students, with knowledge at any time of the day; they will be able to engage with wisdom, of course they can feed their bellies; they will be able to sip their tea or coffee. We will also be able to hold several different cultural and artistic events there. For our talented young people and citizens, we will put instruments that can perform their talents in various places in our café. We will put many more applications like these into the service of our citizens. ”

We will make Sakarya a leading city

Stating that the training activities are also continuing intensely in Sakarya, Mayor Yüce said, “I would like you to know that Kocaali SAMEK has started its activities. Another project that we attach great importance to in terms of educational activities, our arrangements regarding the Children's Academy has reached its final stage. In order to ensure that our puppies are trained in the most suitable conditions and to make our Sakarya a pioneer in our country, we are breaking the hair forty. Here, we will ensure that they realize their potential with various trainings we will carry out with our offspring. As you know, we are establishing the academy in Erenler Life Center. We build the most useful classroom environment with pedagogues, instructors and architects. ”

A new entrance to the city

Speaking at the new highway entrance to be built in Pekşenler, Mayor Yüce said, “Finally, I would like to talk about the new highway entrance that will come to life in Pekşenler. We have taken the floor from our Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan for the entrance, which is very important for our city and will provide transportation from the highway to the northern part of the city. A new highway entrance will be opened from Pekşenler to our city, and a double road will be built to connect to the 15 July Boulevard. Especially those who live in Karasu, Kocaali, Kaynarca, Ferizli and Söğütlü districts and visit these districts will not have to enter the city. Good luck to our city. ”

The layered solution to the parking problem

Announcing that they will take an important step towards parking in the Training and Research Hospital region, President Ekrem Yüce said, “From time to time, requests were conveyed to us. It was also brought up in our assembly. Of course, it was unthinkable to be indifferent to this situation. We put a multi-storey car park project on the agenda that will produce a solution to the parking problem around the hospital. I hope we want to implement it as soon as possible. ”

Joint movement with all dynamics

Underlining that the culture of consultation has an important place in every step taken and in every decision taken, President Ekrem Yüce said, “We; We know that it is very valuable to act with all the dynamics of our city while producing our services. We believe in the abundance of the joint movement. It is not in our working principle to say I did it. I say this with all my sincerity; It is the most important parameter that our city is strong. ” President Ekrem Yüce said that they have also made necessary efforts to eliminate tax debts caused by the earthquake by the law of bags.

Agenda of the Assembly

Articles 1 to 27 were accepted as coming from the commission. The section from article 28 to article 41 was unanimously transferred to the Zoning and Public Works commission. Articles 42, 43, 44 and 45 are unanimously accepted; Articles 46 and 47 were transferred to the Plan and Budget commission, and Articles 48 to the Zoning and Public Works commission.


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