Public Transport Vehicles are Disinfected in Ordu

army disinfects mass transit vehicles
army disinfects mass transit vehicles

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality is carrying out the necessary studies to create a hygienic environment for citizens in public transportation vehicles against viruses and microbes.

Metropolitan Municipality is carrying out disinfection work on public transportation vehicles carrying many people every day. In the detailed cleaning, every point is cleaned, including the interior of the buses, windows, driver's cabin, handles, passenger seat handles, floors, ceiling, outer roof and bottom corner cleaning. In this context, citizens are able to travel in a healthy and safe way in buses that provide public transportation services, which are frequently used.


Providing information about the work done, Sefa Okücü, Head of the Department of Environmental Protection and Control, “As Metropolitan Municipality, we are taking our precautions against the increasing infectious diseases. In this context, our teams continue to work on disinfection so that our citizens can travel in public transportation in a healthy way. Vehicles are disinfected using substances that do not harm human health. Our work to disinfect public transport will continue at regular intervals. ”

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