The next 10-15 years Bursaray will not experience capacity problems

bursaray will not experience capacity problems in our year
bursaray will not experience capacity problems in our year

It's like a film strip ... View Ekrem's Full Profile in urban transportation rail system We experienced excitement when he explained that the work started to pass. Late Teoman Özalp While taking the first step, State Balance as Cavit Caglarof “We solved the credit problem” We shared the explanation with the same excitement.


Contact erdem directly under Bursaray 'While laying the foundation, Erdogan Bilenser under Organized Industry ve Beşevler Small Industry '' is Şehreküstü 'what lines we attended before the opening trial and first passenger ticket It is not possible to forget the excitement we experience in memory.

In short…

Bursaray since the first time it was spoken Exciting Bursa a transportation system. So is today. Every decision, every step, every planning because it concerns the city he sees the same attention.


Weekdays Bursaray undertaking investments and management Burulaş General Manager Mehmet Kürşat Çapar 'la sohbet While, More favorable use of Bursaray for innovations We talked.

Playing  the perception of comfort in the rail system laid out:

“There are 3 expectations in terms of comfort from the rail system: Do not wait, take it fast, do not get stuck.

He emphasized that there is no traffic problem in the rail system and gave the following information:

“With our signaling project, which has found an investment of 120 million lira, the waiting time will be reduced from 3.75 minutes to 2 minutes and the waiting time will be shortened by half.”

At this point…

"Is it worth this investment for 1.5 minutes?" While answering the question, he also explained the logic of the system:

“In the busiest morning hours, we put 5 additional trains between the flights. But there are risks to this system. Signalization will regulate this situation and manage the system. Thus, we will be able to increase the number of trains. ”

The account is this:

"The expedition intervals will be shorter and more trains will be able to travel without waiting and congestion."

He gave me this information:

“Bursaray now carries 280 thousand passengers daily. We broke a record with 304 thousand. With this system, our daily capacity will reach 400-450 thousand. ”

He added:

"The next 10-15 years, Bursaray will not have a capacity problem."

There is an University-Görgülü extension on the agenda

Routes in rail systems projects to passenger potential determined by.


In the conditions of the day, Beşevler Small Industry ''up to the line that can be made up to Uludağ University, after Gorukle 'It became important to extend it.

University'until the late deceased Contact Hikmet directly start in the period Recep Altepe Completed in the period.

Also new development Burulaş General Manager Mehmet Kürşat Çapar He explained:

“Concept talks continue to extend the line of Uludağ University to Görgülü.”

Lightningna Koreans looking for finance, City Hospital is waiting for approval

Before 31 March 2019 local elections Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktaşexplained by new period investments the most exciting among all made from underground Yildirim Metro 'I y.

Gursu 'starting from Ankara Roadlocated above Lightning'new metro that will pass through the city center with its population density areas Grasshopper ve Persians'proceeding from Bush'would reach either.

There is no doubt that today economics Under conditions, funding is a big problem.

Project ...

Burulaş General Manager Mehmet Kürşat Çapar 'When we asked, he gave the following information:

“Yıldırım Metro is a long term project. The search for finance of interested Korean companies continues. "


Bursaray 'of  City Hospital 'neither gave the following information for extension:

“We handed over our project to the Ministry of Transport, Altapu General Directorate. He is currently in the Presidency Investment Directorate. ”

The goal is:

“We are working to be included in the 2021 investment program.”

(Ahmet Emin Yılmaz/Olay)



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