Mersin Metro Prequalification Tender Postponed for 20 Days

myrtle metro ten qualification tender days postponed
myrtle metro ten qualification tender days postponed

The deadline for the pre-qualification phase of the "Mersin TCDD Station - LRT Metro Line between Mersin TCDD Station - Mezitli LRT Metro Line Construction and Electromechanical Systems Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Supply of Metro Vehicles" whose tender process was initiated by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation It is 2019/714553/27.

As it is known, the weight of Far and Near East countries in the world construction market is over 50 percent. In this context, due to the travel and work restrictions due to the CORONA / COVID-19 virus, which occurs in Far and Near East countries, especially in China, and is effective worldwide, the pre-qualification deadline is 20 days in order to create a competitive environment. It was decided to postpone for a period of time.

Mersin Metro for Construction and Vehicle Purchase Tender CLICK HERE

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