Parkomat Application Goes to Life in Mersin

Parkomat application is implemented in Mersin
Parkomat application is implemented in Mersin

Preparations for the Parkomat application, which was announced by the Metropolitan Municipality Council and approved by the Metropolitan Municipality Mayor of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Vahap Seçer, announced that they will realize the problems of citizens in finding a parking space. 92 personnel to work at Parkomat, which is planned to be put into service at the end of February, were trained on electronic devices to be used in Metropolitan Municipality Congress and Exhibition Center. One third of the staff are female employees.

Metropolitan is ready to bring Parkomat to life

Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer announced that they will implement the Parkomat application in order to eliminate the traffic density problem in Mersin and the problem of finding a parking space.

In the second meeting of the Metropolitan City Council July Meeting held in 2019, the article on the application of Parkomat was unanimously approved by the council members. With the proposal submitted to the Assembly, it was decided that the places to be determined by the UKOME General Assembly in the roads, streets and areas within the scope of Metropolitan Municipality will be paid 30% of the parking meter revenues to the Metropolitan Municipality and operated by the municipality company without transferring it to third parties.

In addition, parking meter fees were determined as “Free for the first 15 minutes, 0 TL for 60-4 minutes, 0 TL for 120-7 minutes, 0 TL for 180-12 minutes, and 24 TL for 20 hours”. In the application to be put into service, working hours will be 08: 00-18: 00 and payments can be made by credit card.

Announcement was made on İŞKUR, as a result of interviews, 92 people were entitled to be recruited. kazanoutside

President Vahap Seçer stated that they will hire personnel for the Parkomat application in the following process, “Our people should apply. We will have commission. We will work with whoever can do this job. We need to continue on this path with people who will really do business, who need it, who say, 'I want to work and I want to give my money's worth,'" he said. The Metropolitan Municipality, which made an announcement on İŞKUR for the recruitment of personnel to work in the Parkomat application, was entitled to an interview with the evaluation it made among 527 applications. kazanAn interviewed 225 people for 30 days on 31-2 January. As a result of the interviews, a total of 27 people, 65 women and 92 men, were eligible for employment. kazanwas.

Staff were trained on the devices they would use

Right to be employed at the Metropolitan Municipality Convention and Exhibition Center kazanEmployees were given training on the technological devices they would use during the job. In the training, where the technical features and usage conditions of the device were explained in detail, the personnel followed the steps shown in practice with the devices in their hands. According to the system to be used, personnel and platforms will be defined on the devices. The personnel will obtain the slips on which the license plate, parking time and platform code are written, from the device and deliver them to the drivers who park their vehicle.

“They said, 'You will have to stand for 8 hours, can you do it?' And I said 'I will.'”

Tuğba Aytekin, the mother of twins, from 27 female personnel participating in the training, stated that she was aware of the recruitment announcement through a friend and said, “I have been looking for a job for 2-3 years. I was informed on the occasion of a friend. They said 'You will have to stand for 8 hours, can you do it?' And I said 'I will.' I would like to thank our President Vahap Seçer, who has given us positive discrimination on this matter. ”

“We women can do anything as long as we want”

20-year-old Zehra Ölmez stated that she had previously worked in the textile industry and in various stores and applied to work at Parkomat through İŞKUR and said, “I was from İŞKUR because I worked in the latest textiles. Then I came across such a job, I applied. I interviewed twice, I was accepted. It's not something women can't do because it's called 'men's business'. We women can do anything as long as we want. ”

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