Questions about Mersin Metro remained Unanswered

Questions about Mersin Metro remain unanswered
Questions about Mersin Metro remain unanswered

Discussions took place at the informative meeting on the Metro Project, which was organized to inform architects and engineers. Prota Engineering General Manager Danyal Kubin, who reacted to the press at the meeting, responded to the questions of architects and engineers and ended the meeting.

A meeting was held to get information about the Metro Project of the Chamber of Architects Mersin Branch and the Chamber of Civil Engineers Mersin Branch, and to share their opinions. Many architects, civil engineers and architecture and engineering students attended the information meeting held by Prota Engineering, which was awarded the tender for the metro project.

The company, which has carried out the Metro project, which has been repeatedly modified and repeatedly interested Mersin, asked the meeting to be closed to the press. Prota Engineering General Manager Danyal Kubin, who stated that they wanted to be private and not to be reported several times at the beginning of the meeting, was thought to be afraid of not answering questions and criticisms from architects and engineers who are fond of the subject. Despite the special request, in the meeting where the press was also included, the Metro project was showered with criticism and questions.


The fact that the EIA report was not required at the meeting where the technical details of the project was explained caused criticism. Stating that there is no need for the EIA report, Kubin stated that Mersin Governor Ali İhsan Su also did not see the report. Stating that they made many measurements on the specified line and 110 people worked in these measurements and evaluations, Kubin said, “We analyzed 370 buildings on the line. Because the building should not be affected when passing underground subway. When we examined 300 odd buildings, we decided to strengthen the infrastructure of more than 30 ”.


Stating that the EIA report was not requested since the previously subcontracted subway project will be carried out above ground, Abdullah Yıldız said, “You have set the figures for 10 years in Mersin. Already the subway will take at least that much. Wouldn't it be if a tram was built over the ground instead, and that time would not be that long? ” he asked.

Stating how many people use public transportation in Mersin and on which routes they are progressing, Kubin stated that the light rail system would be enough for Mersin for 10 years. Pointing out that the number of passengers will increase after 10 years, Kubin said, “There is a diagnosis, this diagnosis is very clear. Mersin now has 16 passengers daily, which will soon increase to 20 thousand. We have to make a project accordingly. If it is wrong, I will not get 5 cents in this project. It is not made from the surface anywhere above a certain population anywhere in the world. ” Stating that underground is more costly, Kubin said, “For a designer, the underground cost is 10 and the above ground is 2. We came and traveled in Mersin and saw that there was something wrong. It is not possible to make this line above ground. I'm not doing it for the money. Let's do it for 2 liras, but it will become old after 5-10 years. If you can remove it, take it off. ”


Levent Şehmus stated that transportation projects such as the light rail system cannot and cannot be profit-oriented and that such transportation projects are social projects, and said, “Nowhere in the world, subways are money. kazanex. business kazanir but making kazanex. What will you promise to the contractors in the tender that international contractors will enter? asked. Kubin, on the other hand, did not answer the question and said, “Since Mersin is not a municipality with AKP, we could not receive any payment from the ministry. You have to answer about the financing, how will it be costed?” the question was reminded again. Kubin, who remained silent on financing, dismissed the questions. Abdullah Yıldız, on the other hand, stated that it was a fictitious project.


Answering the question of where the excavations to be removed from the subway construction will be poured, Kubin stated that 3 million cubic meters of excavation will be released. Saying that a truck can carry 15 thousand cubic meters of excavation, Kubin stated that 200 trucks per day will take excavation to the northern parts of the city in Mersin. Kubin said, “All alternative routes are calculated. 100 percent cuts will never happen. In emergency situations, transportation will definitely be provided. ” The fact that he stated urgent situations created the idea that the traffic would be interrupted when there was no emergency during the day.


Kubin answered the question of how the project planned on a straight line will be about university and city hospital connections; “Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer made a request saying,“ Shorten the line, the municipality has a land, slide the road there and take it to the city hospital ”. This is not our project, but we researched and realized that we can go there from the surface. You can even go to MEŞOT. The university can be connected by a 7.7 km tram system. But as I said, this is not our project for now. ”

The presentation of the interior architecture of the stations, which are specified to be specially designed for Mersin, was interrupted by an architect and it was stated that it is not right to talk about this stage now. (Gizem Ekici / Mersin Messenger)


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