Mecidiyeköy Mahmutbey Metro Test Drive Made

mecidiyekoy mahmutbey metro test drive was done
mecidiyekoy mahmutbey metro test drive was done

İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu said, “Kabataş He carried out the first test drive on the “Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey Line”, which is the first stage of Mecidiyeköy Mahmutbey Metro. İmamoğlu, who made examinations at the control center in Tekstilkent, which is the last point of the test drive, made a speech at the same point and shared the technical information about the line with the public.

Ekrem İmamoğlu, President of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) said,Kabataş-Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey Metro ”made its first test drive in the“ Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey Line ”, the first phase. İmamoğlu also reopened the “Mecidiyeköy Metrobus Line Pedestrian Connection”, which has been removed from use due to the construction of the line in question and whose construction has been completed. Embarking on the M7 Test Train, which was designed without a driver, İmamoğlu made a 30-minute journey from Mecidiyeköy Station to Tekstilkent Station, where the line's control center was located, along with İBB top management and Consulate General of France, Bertrand Buchwalter. Having examined the control center, İmamoğlu shared technical information about the line and future projects. Imamoğlu answered the questions of journalists after his speech.


“There are many metro lines expected in the northern and western parts of Istanbul. What is the situation on these routes? ”

On May 19, I hope we will commission this Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey line and we anticipate that our Istanbul will feel that it has relieved a really heavy load, especially the metrobus. At least our expert friends make such statements to us. In addition, the Eminönü-Alibeyköy line is the first of our works that walk just around the corner. We are in an intense effort to meet the Istanbulites in the last quarter of 2020. These are stagnant, standing points when we arrive. We all came together and saw the state of this place 5-6 months ago. We had friends who attended. I remember it was the end of July. We care very much. Almost once or twice a week, we evaluate the agenda and situation regarding our metro lines. For example; The Bostancı-Dudullu line is a line that I am very bored and saddened with. Because, it was only a part of the E-5 with a parking lot for 1000 vehicles, which was a very important transfer center, which included some works and also brought it together with the sea line. Including it in the investment plan now is an event that paves the way for finding a source of finance. As IMM, this is a very special study about putting this into action very quickly. It is a very valuable line that brings people together with both business areas, as well as stops coinciding on E-5, goes down to Bostancı, to the beach, and passes through the minibus line. It was important for us to include the rate in the investment plan. On the one hand, we had already commissioned 3 lines. We have Göztepe and Ümraniye lines… We have a Sultanbeyli-Çekmeköy line ...

We should have a Tuzla-Pendik line… Connecting them to Sabiha Gökçen with one ear, our Tuzla-Pendik line… Important lines. In fact, we are planning to have our lines standing on our Anatolian side come to life and walk very intensely. All of these things we have said, in a way, we are quickly taking a run for our Istanbul to reach a potential of 2024 kilometers in 600, along with the lines made by the Ministry of Transport. There are sections of these lines that will be put into service in 2020, at 21. Very, very important, valuable. We are excited. As soon as possible, we are working intensively on bringing our citizens to the metro in Istanbul. Our new projects will be additions to these. As you said, the west of Istanbul is a bit victim in this sense. Especially; Our line after Mahmutbey, passing through Başakşehir and meeting the Bahçeşehir-Esenyurt section, is likewise Beylikdüzü… And this Beylikdüzü metro was a waiting metro operation for about 17 years. We continue to work intensively on the operation, project design and financing of the Beylikdüzü subway with the section that connects to Sefaköy. I even got a briefing about there this week. Hopefully, we will announce the tender to our citizens as soon as possible.


“Between Mecidiyeköy and Mahmutbey, it reaches 1,5 hours during peak hours of traffic. On average, how many minutes will this line go after opening? ”

According to the information my friends gave me, they will have finished this line in 30-35 minutes, which we are talking about 15 stations, 1 million passengers per day. This is a line with very high bearing capacity. Later, when the Mahmutbey-Esenyurt line is activated, it will also be suitable for 8-vehicle operation. This is not just a Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey line, KabataşIt will be a line that will include Beşiktaş and continue to Esenyurt. The system in our control room, which you just saw, will turn into a project that encompasses this system and has the capacity and potential to manage those systems as it ends in time.




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