Denizli Ski Center Increased Interest in Skiing

maritime ski center increased interest in skiing sports
maritime ski center increased interest in skiing sports

Denizli Ski Center, which was established by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality to have a say in the city's winter tourism, increased the interest in skiing. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which established a ski team with 25 licensed athletes this season, gave free skiing courses to 2020 people in 400.

Denizli Ski Center, which is one of the most important projects implemented by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, is breaking records with the number of visitors on the one hand, and increasing the interest in skiing every day. Denizli is one of the most preferred venues for winter sports Snow quality Ski Center, 4 in Turkey's increasingly promote the sport of skiing are heavy from amateur and professional athletes by a ski. Upon the increase in the interest in skiing in the city, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality started to provide free skiing courses starting from 2016. In the new season, 07 people have been provided with skiing courses since 2020 January 400. While the courses were given 3 days a week, students could attend courses for 15 days during the semester break.

Ski Team was established in 2019

Denizli Metropolitan Belediyespor Ski Team was established with 25 licensed athletes who participated in the free courses of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality last year. experience every day kazanAn Metropolitan Belediyespor Ski Team competed with its 7 licensed athletes in the Alpine Ski Elimination Races held in Kayseri on January 6-7, 2020.

Denizli will win champions in winter sports

Denizli Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan said that Metropolitan Municipality provided free courses in many sports branches for everyone from 7 to 70 to do sports. Stating that the interest in winter sports in the city has increased day by day with Denizli Ski Center and they have provided free ski courses in this context since 2016, President Osman Zolan said, “Our Denizli Ski Center, which serves with world-class tracks and facilities, is an amateur and professional welcomes skiers. Our center, which is the favorite of winter tourism, has also enabled the development of skiing in our city. Hopefully, our Deniz will win champions in winter sports. ”

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