Konya is 329th on the World Traffic Jam Index

konya dunya ranks in traffic jam index
konya dunya ranks in traffic jam index

According to the research on the traffic congestion index of cities around the world, Konya has become the 56th most congested traffic among 416 cities from 329 countries on the list.

According to an international study, the world's traffic congestion index was issued.

With the transportation investments realized by Konya Metropolitan Municipality, smart junction systems and traffic management platform, city traffic is getting relief every day.

Konya was ranked 6th in the survey conducted by Netherlands-based navigation technology company TomTom, which prepares traffic congestion statistics worldwide, in 56 cities in 416 countries from 329 continents.

The report was given to the world in 416 cities in 10 from Turkey. Konya, which ranked 2018th in the traffic jam in the 287 index, dropped to the 2019th rank, leaving behind 42 more cities in the world in 329. Konya, located percent of traffic congestion in the city and 18 on the list from Turkey intensity was at least the second city.

According to the statistics, the lowest traffic day in Konya was determined as 2019 June and the busiest day was 4 November in 15.

outside of Konya in Turkey took place in the 2019 index, nine more cities. While Istanbul was the 2019th city in the world with the most congested traffic in 9; Ankara ranked 100th, İzmir 134th, Antalya 144th, Bursa 208th, Adana 181th, Mersin 246th and Gaziantep 236th, Kayseri 353th.

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