Ski resorts are entrusted to gendarmerie search and rescue teams

ski resorts entrusted to gendarmerie search and rescue teams
ski resorts entrusted to gendarmerie search and rescue teams

📩 18/02/2020 09:55

Gendarmerie Search and Rescue teams are always ready to work in Turkey's major ski resorts. JAK teams, working for the security of domestic and foreign tourists, spend 7 hours a day, 24 days a week.

Gendarmerie Search and Rescue Teams; It was established for the purpose of conducting search / rescue activities in natural disasters such as earthquakes and avalanches, ensuring safety and order in winter tourism centers, evacuation of the sick / injured in adverse weather and land conditions, preventive law enforcement and enforcement in mountainous / forest areas where nature sports are performed.
At present (17) Provincial JK (23) Tim;
  • Antalya-Saklikent,
  • Ardahan-Yalnuzcam,
  • Bolu - Kartalkaya,
  • Bursa - Uludağ (3),
  • Erzurum - Palandöken (2),
  • Erzincan - Ergan,
  • Hakkari - Mergabutan,
  • Kocaeli and Kartepe,
  • Isparta-Davraz,
  • Kars - Sarıkamış (2),
  • Kastamonu - Ilgaz (2),
  • Kayseri - Erciyes (2),
  • Kahramanmaras-Yedikuyu are
  •  Mugla-Fethiye,
  • Niğde - Çamardı,
  •  Rize - Çamlıhemşin,
  • He works in Tunceli-Ovacık.

Staff in the teams receive training in combating severe cold, ski training, snowmobile and snowmobile training, first aid training and mountaineering training.

Tasks of Search and Rescue Teams

  • To intervene in the events that occur in regions where there is no motor transfer opportunity in difficult nature and land conditions or where pedestrian conditions are difficult,
  • To provide safety and security services on the tracks where winter tourism is carried out, to help the local and foreign tourists who are lost and injured,
  • Reaching and evacuating the casualties in accidents occurring in regions where mountaineering sports are performed,
  • In natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, avalanches, to reach and evacuate the victims.

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