There is Talan in Karabakh Genocide Exhibition in Khojaly Hit the Road with the Eastern Express

there is a sack of black bag hocalida genocide exhibition set off with east express
there is a sack of black bag hocalida genocide exhibition set off with east express

A program was organized at Ankara Train Station on 27.02.2020 for the promotion of the exhibition prepared by Gazi University Gazi Education Faculty, supported by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and TCDD.

Program Ambassador to Azerbaijan Khazar Ibrahim, Azerbaijan-Turkey Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group Chairman Shamil Separation, Gazi University Rector Ibrahim Uslan, TCDD Deputy Director General Ismail Ages, TCDD Transport Inc. Executive Vice President Assoc. Dr. Şinasi Kazancıoğlu, Gazi University lecturers and students and railroads attended.

Azerbaijan's Ambassador Hazar Ibrahim, here in his speech, not a massacre happened in Khojaly "genocide" stressing the need to be called, not only military forces to remain in the place of the blood of the martyrs expressed that it is important also of Turkey-Azerbaijan brotherhood.

Azerbaijan-Turkey Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group Chairman Shamil Separation live witnesses and images contained massacre will do whatever it takes to be forgotten, he said.

Gazi University Rector İbrahim Uslan emphasized that while they are producing universal knowledge, they embrace national values ​​and aim to spread not only awareness but also this awareness throughout Anatolia.

TCDD Deputy Director General Ismail Ages speech "Khojaly, despite the passage of 20 years through the processing of one of the great atrocities of the 28th century and Azerbaijan both in Turkey has not been created by a reduction in the slightest sorrow.

It is very important to keep the memories of our 613 siblings who were martyred without saying old and female children and to transfer the persecution to the next generations.

For this reason, we are proud to be a part of this event.

The pain of our Azerbaijani brothers, whose friendship and brotherhood that we have always felt with us in our struggle for salvation, has been our pain.

As a result of the invasion of Azerbaijani lands with this inhuman attack, more than one million Azerbaijani brothers had to leave their homes, their homes, and become refugees in their own homeland.

I wish that this shame of humanity will come to an end and our Azerbaijani brothers reach their homeland. ”

After the speeches, Turkish and Azerbaijani flags were opened on those watching the program in the hall.

The delegation and guests, who later switched to pero, signed the book in the wagon and sent the train off after visiting the exhibition.

The exhibition includes works by 60 artists

Due to the 28th year of the Khojaly Massacre, the exhibition, which was created in order to raise awareness on national issues and to strengthen the brotherhood ties of Turks in different geographies who have experienced the same suffering, can be visited in the stations where the Eastern Express stops in Kayseri, Erzincan, Erzurum, Sarıkamış and Kars.

The exhibition includes paintings and objects based on the emotions aroused by the artists' photographs of Turkish works destroyed by Armenians in the occupied Karabakh, and 60 artists, two from Azerbaijan.

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