Channel Istanbul EIA Positive Report Canceled

project works of channel istanbul completed
project works of channel istanbul completed

Press release was made on February 11, 2020 by TMMOB Chairman Emin Koramaz regarding the legal process initiated by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization on the EIA Positive Decision about the Kanal Istanbul Project.

Despite all the criticism of the scientists and the petition of more than 100 thousand citizens, the Union initiated a lawsuit for the cancellation of the “Environmental Impact Assessment Positive” decision by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization regarding the Kanal Istanbul EIA Report.

Let the “EIA Positive” decision, which is made in a very short time in which the evaluation of the appeal petitions and even the examination of the EIA report is impossible, is far from scientific and public interest.

As we have stated in the petition, the participation of the public in the process of the Environmental Impact Assessment has been prevented and the scientific reports prepared by the academic and professional circles regarding the project have been ignored. Ignoring the “participation principle”, which is mandatory in accordance with our Constitution, our Environment Law No. 2872 and international conventions, makes the process subject to the law unlawful from the very beginning.

The Canal Istanbul Project, Küçükçekmece Lagoon, which is one of the rare geographical assets of the world, is the life support systems of Istanbul, forest areas, agricultural and pasture areas, water resources and basins, natural and archaeological sites, Important Plant and Important Bird Areas, settlement areas and It will pass through the dune areas, bird migration routes, and cause these areas to be destroyed.

This project, which will cause irreversible destruction of the flora and fauna elements of international importance, including the types that require endemic and absolute protection, as well as seas, straits, aquatic ecosystem, and endemic and absolute protection due to the impacts it will cause both during construction and operation phases. it is harmful.

In violation of the Constitution, Environmental Law No. 2872 and International Conventions, public interest, scientific-technical requirements, urbanism principles and planning principles CHANNEL ISTANBUL EIA POSITIVE DECISION It must be canceled immediately.

As TMMOB, we will continue to oppose all projects that are contrary to science and technique, threatening nature and human life, and not in the general interest of society.

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