İZTAŞIT Fleet Expands

istasite fleet is expanding
istasite fleet is expanding

Three more minibuses were added to the ZTAŞITs. The minibuses will serve the Orhanlı, Beyler and Çamtepe neighborhoods. İZTAŞIT buses on these lines will also be shifted to the main routes.

Three new minibuses joined İZTAŞIT's 28-bus fleet. The new vehicles will serve the Orhanlı, Beyler and Çamtepe neighborhoods that have previously been in village status. All three buses on these lines will now be included in 25 buses operating between İzmir and Seferihisar and Ürkmez city centers. In this way, the number of buses serving on the main routes will increase to 28 and the frequency of trips on these routes will increase.

The new two-door İZTAŞIT minibuses can carry 22 people and one wheelchair passenger. The vehicles have two air conditioners.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality ESHOT General Directorate included the cooperatives carrying out transportation in the surrounding districts under the name of İZTAŞIT in public transportation. The project, which will be expanded to cover all the surrounding districts of İzmir, started to be implemented in Seferihisar on 29 December 2019.

Boarding with İzmirim Card

İZTAŞITs are also boarded with İzmirim Card. Timetable can be tracked on ESHOT's website and the ESHOT application, which can be installed on smartphones.

Disabled and over 65

Also, IZTAŞITs with a photo of Izmirim Card with 40% or more disabled report holders who are entitled to free ESHOT buses, a companion of the disabled and citizens over the age of 65, the card center in Konak and the İBB Seferihisar Local Services Directorate. He can ride for free.

ESHOT supervised

ESHOT oversees vehicles, drivers and cooperative management. All trainings given to ESHOT drivers are also regularly given to İZTAŞIT drivers. ESHOT also makes transportation planning for İZTAŞITs. In addition, İZTAŞITs use existing ESHOT stops.

Line information
975 Seferihisar - F. Altay (does not enter Ulamis)
985 Seferihisar by F. Altay
986 Ürkmez - Seferihisar
987 Ürkmez - F. Altay
989 Orhanli to Seferihisar
990 Men - Seferihisar
991 Camtepe - Seferihisar

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