IETT's Women Drivers At The Wheel!

Woman's troops at the steering wheel
Woman's troops at the steering wheel

3 female drivers who succeeded in the exams and were subjected to 9-month training by IETT started to work today.

Following the decision of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB) President Ekrem İmamoğlu on the duty of female drivers on buses, IETT General Directorate moved.

9 of the female drivers who passed the exams and succeeded in the trainings started their duties after the line trainings they completed. Stating that they are pleased to serve Istanbulites, female drivers stated that they will do their job meticulously.


IETT General Directorate was introduced to the female driver candidates in the trainings. Theoretical and practical trainings were given for 3 months in order to improve the bus driving, professional knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors of the candidates.

Candidate driver orientation training program, vehicle promotion training, fire and general safety training, simulator driving training, safe and defensive driving techniques training, certified basic first aid training, applied line training were given in the program. Candidates were also subjected to master driver evaluation programs. 9 female drivers who were successful in all trainings were entitled to take the wheel on the roads of Istanbul. Studies are continuing to increase the number of female drivers.


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