Government Defends YHT Abonman Hike With Words 'Injustice Is Resolved'

hukumet yht subscription advocacy with injustice was resolved
hukumet yht subscription advocacy with injustice was resolved

The government defended the hike to the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) subscription prices with the words "injustice has been resolved".

Evaluating exorbitant hikes on YHT's subscription tickets, CHP Eskişehir Deputy Utku Çakırözer stated that “hikes continue to be defended with reasoning explanations”.

CumhuriyetAccording to the news of Mustafa Çakır from. he reminded.

Reminding that the railroad administration defends the hikes first with the statement “not a raise but a discount at discount rates”, Çakırözer said, “The 5 officers and students who have to use those trains every day know very well what the name of the change in ticket prices is.”

Cakirözer stated that despite all the statements of the government, the people reacted greatly to the hikes, and that CIMER made hundreds of applications. Çakırözer, who shared the response given to the applications to CIMER by the railroad management, said:

  • In the response, it is stated that the discounts made since 2009 were made to introduce citizens to YHT and to make people love YHT. Discount is made for the public. It is argued that the "unfair difference between normal wages and subscription wages" has been "reduced to a more objective and rational rate" with the increase.
  • Where can the hike up to 238 percent in public service be called objective and rational in the world? It is not funny comments to do, but to take back these hikes.


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