Haydarpaşa Solidarity is in Action in front of the Train Station for 422 Weeks

haydarpasa solidarity has been in action for weeks
haydarpasa solidarity has been in action for weeks

Haydarpaşa Railway Station, the construction of which started in 1906, served 19 years after it was put into service on August 1908, 105. Closed since 18 June 2013. However Haydarpaşa Solidarity, Haydarpasa Station for the survival of the station since Sunday February 5, 2012 gathered in front of each station is trying to make their voices heard in Turkey.

Archaeological excavation is carried out around Haydarpaşa Station

This Sunday, they were in front of the station with their megaphones and banners, which they will shout at the City Lines ferries passing by the station and for the 422 actions, "The train will come here, the Haydarpaşa Station will remain the station, the Haydarpaşa Port will remain the port".

However, besides the usual 'Haydarpaşa guard, the station will remain' ', and the' 'Neither hotel, museum, Haydarpaşa guard or station will remain' 'draw attention. The reason for this currency was the proposals to turn the station into a museum after the ruins of Late Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods were discovered during the archaeological excavations that started around two years ago.

Tugay Kartal: "We will put the ambitions of those who want to open Haydarpaşa Terminal to trade in Haydarpaşa"

Tugay Kartal, who completed the Railway Vocational High School in 1977 and is a solidarity member, explains why they oppose the museum and insist on the station:

'' They made excuses for the fire that broke out on November 28, 2010 in order to plunder Haydarpaşa Station, then they made excuses for the Olympics to be held in Istanbul. Now they are making excuses for archaeological excavations. If we really know that they are so sensitive to culture, we might say 'Let Haydarpaşa Station be an archaeological museum'. But we do not find it sincere for those who have flooded Hasankeyf and dried up many streams in our country, saying 'We will make Haydarpaşa an archeology museum'. After that, they will want to build a hotel of Haydarpaşa Station, there are ambitions to open them here for business. We will pour these ambitions into water in Haydarpaşa. Besides, of course we are not against archaeological excavations. But then they can build the museum elsewhere, we want to take the train from Haydarpaşa here. ''

Ayşen Dönmez: '' Haydarpaşa land is watering everyone's mouth, but Haydarpaşa's station is a must ''

Ayşen Dönmez, who has retired after working at Haydarpaşa Station for 36 years, thinks that the move to return the museum to the museum is a deception.

Answering the questions of VOA Turkish, Dönmez said, “Haydarpaşa was closed to the suburban train on June 2013, 19. After that, Haydarpaşa was left completely idle. Because the 1 million square meter land behind Haydarpaşa and its surroundings dilutes everyone's mouth. Political power looks at the port of Haydarpaşa, sees land; he looks behind the station and sees it as a plot. Planning sees a place where construction is required. No such thing. In every city in Europe, the train stations are in the city center. Haydarpaşa is also a place in the city center. If there are no central stations, you cannot operate a train. So funny, it looks like a toy. You only run three or five trains. That means there is no rail transportation for the metropolitan city like Istanbul. For this reason, it is not a necessity but a must for Haydarpaşa to remain stationed. ''

Harun Gökay: "After the bridge is built, Haydarpaşa can be connected to Söğütlüçeşme"

Is it possible to use Haydarpaşa as a train station after Marmaray started its operations? According to Harun Gökay, who is currently working as a machinist in Marmaray, it is absolutely possible.

Gökay, '' Currently, a bridge is being built to connect Söğütlüçeşme to Haydarpaşa. Well, it is possible after that bridge is built. Moreover, an important need is met not only for suburban trains but also for intercity trains. Let me point out one more point.

Even if Marmaray is opened, most people still prefer the ferry. Since there is such a choice. The closure of Haydarpaşa is nonsense. After all, this is what Istanbulites want. Haydarpaşa, the only place on the Anatolian side where the train and ferry are collective, should definitely be opened,'' he says.

Tugay Kartal: "Marmaray does not work at full capacity, without Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci stations"

Haydarpaşa Solidarity members underline that if the station is opened, the suburban lines that will get off from Bostancı or Pendik and arrive at Söğütlüçeşme will also refresh the city traffic.

Tugay Kartal, '' Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci can not be without a station. The train passes through the tube, but the Marmaray project is not currently running at full capacity. If the Marmaray project suburban trains run every five minutes, it is not possible for you to pass the train there. You know, they made the Marmaray project on the surface with three lines. Two lines for Marmaray, one line for main line trains. The tube has two lines. You already come and get blocked like a bottle mouth. Moreover, Taşımacılık AŞ wants to increase the number of trains, but this does not happen because there are no people to turn or turn the trains. HalkalıThere is not a train station large enough for trains. Train stations are the gate of the cities. But even though we love it very much, we do not fight this because we have a platonic love for Haydarpaşa station. We know that after so much investment in railway projects, it is not possible to continue this service without a station. For this reason, Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci cannot be without their station, '' he says.

Mustafa Duygun: '' Haydarpaşa is our memory, living museum ''

Although Tugay Kartal says, "We do not fight this because we have a platonic love," Mustafa Duygun, who worked as a mechanic for 1977 years after the Railway Vocational High School in 26, remembers with great longing today.

"I've been to this station many times. All of our people from Anatolia have foot dust on the marble stones in this station. After those trains are empty, we feel their sadness. People have memories, countries too. Haydarpaşa is the memory of all of us. It is a living museum. Trains coming from Anatolia and trains leaving from here used to meet and leave thanks to this station. Haydarpaşa Train Station must be opened.” – the Amerikaninse

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