Gemlik Mass Transportation is Now More Comfortable

Gemlik public transportation is now more comfortable
Gemlik public transportation is now more comfortable

With the contribution of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and Burulaş, 28 new microbuses taken by Güzel Gemlik Bus and Minibuscular Cooperative were put into service with a ceremony. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that while continuing its transportation investments without interruption, on the other hand, efforts are continuing to make public transportation more comfortable.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which focuses on physical investments such as smart intersection applications, rail system signalization optimization, new roads, bridges and intersections in order to prevent transportation from being a problem in Bursa, on the other hand, makes public transportation vehicles more attractive for citizens. 28 new microbuses to the Gemlik District of the Metropolitan Municipality, which cooperated with private public bus operators in this regard. kazannagged. Low-floor, state-of-the-art vehicles suitable for disabled access will make transportation in the district center even more comfortable with their equipment. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, Gemlik Mayor Mehmet Uğur Sertaslan, Bursa Deputy Zafer Işık and Gemlik District Governor Yaşar Dönmez and citizens attended the ceremony held in Gemlik July 15 Democracy Square due to the commissioning of new vehicles.

Quality is increasing

Reminding that transportation has emerged as a priority problem in their public opinion researches in Bursa, President Aktaş said that they have spent most of their work on transportation projects for the past 27 months. Reminding that they made great efforts to make public transportation more comfortable while continuing their physical investments on the one hand, President Aktaş said that besides 28 microbuses put into service in Gemlik, 13 new microbuses will be added to the Burulaş fleet this week. In addition, President Aktaş stated that they have ordered an order of 20 meters of buses and said, "The essence of the work will be that we will increase both our capacity and quality with 8,5 buses in the first months of the year."

Flight numbers doubles

Explaining the services for public transportation in the Gemlik district, President Aktaş reminded that there are 16 vehicles and 6 different lines operated by the Burulaş sub-suppliers, and 14 of these vehicles are not 2007 model, high-based, without air conditioning and suitable for the disabled. Stating that, instead of 28 air-conditioned, low-floor, microbuses suitable for disabled access, President Aktaş said, “Thus, 14 vehicles are made daily with 150 vehicles, while 28 trips a day with 336 vehicles with the new transformation. Thus, the bus, which takes half an hour to the station, will arrive every 15 minutes. Both the new courthouse and our new Gemlik State Hospital were engaged in the past months. Now, we have established a total of 1 new bus lines, 3 to the courthouse and 4 to the new Gemlik State Hospital. All of them will depart from Gemlik Square. It is a line between Gemlik and Bursa where our citizens suffer from the fullness of buses. We have largely resolved this problem. Between Gemlik Bursa, 12-meter vehicles were running and there was a commission model for the sub-operator and per passenger. We switched to "go-to-tour", ie go-to-go, model instead of per passenger. Thus, our tradesmen were encouraged to make more tours. The number of flights between Gemlik Bursa increased. Our shopkeepers will not fill the vehicles to the obstruction since the payment will decrease when the average of 35 passengers in the 42-seat vehicle passes, our passengers started to travel more comfortably, sitting and comfortable. ”

New investments coming

Giving information about transportation investments in the center, which is closely related to Bursa, he also announced that the works on the T2 line, which stopped due to the contractor's request for liquidation, will start soon. Stating that there is a 2-180 million TL job on the T200 line, President Aktaş reminded that they will hold the tender for a total of 8100 meters in this month. Emphasizing that his works continue for easy access to Bursa City Hospital, which was opened to service, President Aktaş said, “We will soon complete the tender with the support we received from the Ministry of Transport for the extension of the Emek Metro Line, which we have planned for a while. With this 5.4 km line, our citizens can easily go to the hospital by metro from every part of the city. In addition, our road works continue for easy access to the hospital. We have completed the 6,5 km stage of this 3 km road. Expropriations for the remaining part are about to end. Only expropriations amount to 25 million TL. In addition, the signalization optimization work we continue on the subway between 01 am and 05 am continues. With this investment, waiting times will be reduced from 3,5 minutes to 2 minutes and the capacity of the subway will increase from 300 thousand to 450 thousand people per day. He commissioned the first phase of this work in June. ”

Reminding that they overcame the problems of citizens over 65 years old, martyrs' relatives and disabled citizens who were not taken to the bus, postponed, insulted in Bursa in June 2018, President Aktaş stated that they paid private public buses for each citizen with the right to use free of charge and this support. that they continue to be one of the rare municipalities in Turkey, he added.

Bursa Deputy Zafer Işık thanked Mayor Aktaş and his team, stating that the problem of renewal of public transportation vehicles was solved within Gemlik, but the patience and important contribution of the Metropolitan Municipality.

Gemlik Mayor Mehmet Uğur Sertaslan thanked Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and Güzel Gemlik Bus and Minibus Cooperative tradesmen who contributed to this study, which will increase the quality of public transportation in Gemlik.

After the speeches, cutting the ribbon and putting new vehicles into operation, President Aktaş also made the first drive.

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