Gaziray and Raybüs After Tram

gaziray and raybus after tram
gaziray and raybus after tram

Şanlıurfa, which has been on the agenda with the constant traffic problem, was surprised by the transportation activities that have been realized and continued in Gaziantep. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin said that they solved their transportation problems for many years.

Gaziantep Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Şahin answered the questions of Ömer Ağ in the Panorama program broadcast on Edessa TV. Describing the transportation works of Gaziantep in the field of transportation, Şahin said that they have resolved most of their problems with technology.


Saying that they have started to take advantage of the Smart Cities project initiated by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Şahin said that they are working to provide smart education, smart transportation and smart health services. Stating that they have benefited from the possibilities of technology in transportation by applying a master plan in transportation, Şahin said, “An outsider can take advantage of our transportation facilities with a credit card without the need to buy a card. Now 500 thousand people have downloaded this application, they are waiting at the smart stop, when will the bus they want come to, when will the tram connection be formed? All of them have a schedule. We use technology while solving the problems. ”


Transportation problem in Gaziantep, adjacent to Şanlıurfa, has been largely resolved. Metropolitan Mayor Şahin explained how they dealt with the traffic problem. Explaining the city traffic on the question of Ömer Ağ, Şahin said: “When I became the first president, we made urgent action and made a transportation master plan. How many people will live in this city in 2050? What will be our situation in domestic transportation, land, rail and air transportation? We did this work. If the transportation master plan did not come out, we sat at the table, first we started with the jam zones. We finished 12 intersections last semester. This was very important for us to open jam areas. There is also a high-speed train on the railway line. It comes from Osmaniye line and extends to Gaziantep Sanliurfa and Habur. This line will be finished in 2023. ”


A comparison was made between citizens of Şanlıurfa and Gaziantep in the face of transportation projects described by Gaziantep Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Şahin. While Şanlıurfa could not even bring a trambus, the citizens who said that Gaziantep started to use all rail systems said that they expect the same performance from Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality. On the other hand, Şahin said that they will use their cities better with the upcoming high speed train project. Speaking about the ongoing transportation projects in Gaziantep, Şahin said, “Together with the railway network, we need to use the cities much better. Together with the highways, we started Gaziray at 50 kilometers in the small industrial-organized line, which remained in the 60-25s on the railways. We turn the unused part of the land train line into high speed train. Within a year, we will also implement a line that will carry 150 thousand people in the small industrial-organized line that will carry one hundred thousand people a day. Our friends worked very well and we did great things in international jobs. We also received great support from our government. We are realizing a very extraordinary project, 25 kilometers of this 5 kilometers goes underground. We open the first 10 kilometers in 6 months, and we connect it to Nizip together with Raybüs. We will start using Raybüs at the end of the month. ”


Stating that they are working to relax vehicle traffic as well as public transportation vehicles, Şahin said that they are trying to increase the use of the ring road, and that they have strengthened the roads on the ring road connection points. Şahin completed his speech on transportation with the following words: “We are building a city hospital now, we are strengthening the road of this hospital, the roads in the schools region and the road named Abdulkadir Yüksel. We detected the points stuck in the city and we strengthen the connection of these places through the environment. In this sense, our regional ministers and deputies are very supportive. Our promise to our people is very important, the word is honor, you need to do what you need when you get out of your mouth. ”(İbrahim Halil ASLAN /EVENT to Şanlıura)

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