Gaziantep City Hospital and Ring Road will be Connected by Bridge Crossing

gaziantep city hospital will be connected with the junction with a broken road
gaziantep city hospital will be connected with the junction with a broken road

In order to prevent the traffic density around Gaziantep City Hospital, which is under construction by the Ministry of Health, the construction of bridges and connecting roads of the hospital is started by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and General Directorate of Highways of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

In the Gazi city, which has been growing rapidly with its industrial dynamics and revitalizing tourism potential, the Metropolitan Municipality, which continues to work for the traffic density to be created by the increasing number of people and vehicles, draws attention with its projects. In this context, with the cooperation of the Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, the General Directorate of Highways, the construction of a bridge intersection for the connection between the City Hospital and the O-54 Highway known as the Ring Road is started.

Gaziantep City Hospital, whose construction is about to be completed, will be used by 5560 people, with a capacity of 1875 beds, and an average of 53 thousand people will be used in the surrounding provinces. In this context, it is estimated that the street number 400, which is one of the important streets in urban transportation for the passage through the ring road to the hospital, is experienced due to its tram level crossings and the connection with the ring road after the opening of the city hospital. With the arrangements to be made, this intensity will be reduced and the transition to the hospital will be easily achieved by using the ring road. With the new City Hospital Köprülü Intersection; Traffic at Özdemir Caddesi-Ring Road connection will also be relieved.

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