Intertwined Training for EGO Drivers with Citizens

ic ice education with citizens for ego sofor
ic ice education with citizens for ego sofor

For the first time, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate organizes practical training in which drivers using public transportation vehicles can communicate effectively with citizens. The trainings that will continue until the end of February are supported with theater plays.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to apply different methods in “Personal Development Seminars” for the staff.

EGO General Directorate, which focuses on in-service trainings, brings bus drivers and citizens together for the first time.


During the trainings given to the drivers working in 5 Regional Branch Offices under the Directorate of Bus Operations; Behavioral patterns for disadvantaged groups (disabled, elderly and pregnant and families with children) are explained.

While Metropolitan Municipality focuses on services prioritizing citizen satisfaction, 2 bus drivers are brought together with citizens who complain to 500 Blue Tables.

Hacettepe University Faculty Member Dr. In the trainings given by Şefika Şule Erçetin, bus drivers are informed about the methods of effective communication with citizens.


The trainings supported by theater actors at Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Culture and Social Affairs Department Family Life Centers will continue until the end of February.

While citizens have the opportunity to explain the difficulties and behaviors faced by bus drivers while using public transportation, the problem is solved at the source of the problem and courtesy rules are presented with examples for both parties.


Bus driver Burak Birincioğlu, who attended the training organized by EGO, said, “Here, we provide a family atmosphere. We both express our troubles and see the troubles experienced here from another point of view. Because individuals with disabilities and the people accompanying them should use accessible areas to get involved in society in general. The most important for this is public transportation. It is very nice to realize the problems and processes we experience in this way with such empathy development meetings. Such trainings are very valuable for the disabled individuals and their families. ”

Bus driver Hasan Korkmaz, who stated that they have one-to-one communication with the citizens every day but that they see the correct communication is important, said, “In these trainings we receive, we explain in detail how to treat passengers and what to do about the rules. It is good for us to provide such trainings. ”



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