Nord Moves The World's First Foldable Solar Panel Roof!

nord moves the world's first collapsible sun panel cat
nord moves the world's first collapsible sun panel cat

At the wastewater treatment plant in Chur, Switzerland, the world's first foldable solar panel roof NORTH DRIVESYSTEMS is moving.

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS, one of the world's leading drive technology manufacturers in the field of mechanical and electronic solutions, broke new ground again.

In the place where one of the most famous waterways of Germany meets the Rhine River and Plessur Stream; At the wastewater plant in Chur, Switzerland, the 5,800 m² area's foldable solar panel roof closes the pretreatment, second (biological) treatment and third treatment pool.

Thanks to the internal PLC; Frequency inverters, developed by NORD DRIVESYSTEMS engineers, have demonstrated impressive performance in this project, as in a Swiss subsidiary, DHP Technology.


Thanks to the powerful cable carrier technology, the solar panels open automatically when the first lights of the sun pass through the clouds. The panels take the protection position when the sun goes down or in case of adverse weather conditions such as snow, storm and hail.

The 2,120 modules generate 550,000 kWh of electrical power annually, which corresponds to 20% of the facility's energy needs.

Intelligent distributed NORD drives play a major role in the extension and retraction of these foldable ceiling panels, a world first. The fact that NORD's frequency inverters can be mounted directly on the motor has facilitated installation even under difficult conditions.


Thanks to the PLC integrated driver, roof groups are collected even when communication is interrupted, allowing each to be withdrawn with its automatic function.

In this way, system operating safety is maximized and the drive becomes the key component of the solution.

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