Derbent residents revolt for the train ..! Why 150-Year Derbent Train Station is Closed?

why derbent residents revolt for the train why the derbent train station is closed
why derbent residents revolt for the train why the derbent train station is closed

Derbent residents protested that the Historic Derbent Train Station would not be operational.

The Historical Derbent Train Station in Kartepe was closed by the General Directorate of State Railways between May 2-18, 2019 within the scope of the signaling project under construction between Köseköy and Pamukova. The General Directorate of Railways had said that the station would be opened towards the end of May and then postponed to October. However, the train station could not be opened in the past 9 months.


The historical station, which started to serve since the 1800s, was closed in 2014 due to YHT activities and could not provide service. After the completion of the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) project, the station, which started operating again, was closed for signaling work and improvement for 16 days this time, but it was not opened. When the train station was not opened in the meantime, the citizens gathered in front of the train station building on Derbent Ahmet Lütfü Arat Boulevard, reacted against the train station not opening. The neighborhood headman, Erdal Baş, made a statement.


The action that took place in front of the train station building on Derbent Ahmet Lütfü Arat Boulevard, as well as the Derbent Neighborhood Headman Erdal Baş and Derbent residents, CHP Kartepe District President Tevfik Mayda and his management, CHP Province Vice President Nilay Merttürk, Kartepe Municipality CHP Group SözcüSü Hasan Bayrak, CHP Kartepe Mayor Candidate Cumhur Karakadılar, SP Youth Branch Kartepe District President İdris Sevil, AGD Branch President Serdar Karagöz also participated.


Stating that one of the major problems in the region is the traffic density, Derbent District Headman Erdal Baş said, "We have a high-speed train, we have taken it for 8 years. As you know, there is a university here. Winter tourism has begun. There is a traffic problem. Our students have to go to school with 3 departures and 3 arrivals under very difficult conditions. I ask TCDD officials, how can you sleep comfortably when our children get up at 5 in the morning? Last year, our population is on average 5 thousand, especially on the weekend, 20 thousand. ''

They said a week it was a year

Saying that our high speed train project was finished 9 months ago, Baş said, “Our train was opened. There was confusion and prices were expensive. Trains were stopped within a year. The reason was that his signaling was not working. Signaling is done by a Spanish company. I called TCDD officials here they came. They wrote an article and said that we will open these trains in 15-20 days. They said me a week, it was a year, the trains were not opened. ”


Does the train stop at Derbent? Doesn't it stop? Baş said, "I will take care of him," Every segment benefits from the trend. After that, for a maximum of one month, since your high-speed train will not pass here. I thank whoever supports me. As long as there is such a crowd, this train will stop here. '' (Kocaelideng to)

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