Avalanche Drill Made in Davraz Ski Center

Avalanche Drill Made in Davraz Ski Center
Avalanche Drill Made in Davraz Ski Center

Under the coordination of Isparta Governorship, Isparta Municipality Fire Fighting Teams, Provincial Health Directorate National Medical Rescue Teams (UMKE), Provincial Disaster and Emergency Directorate Teams (AFAD), Provincial Gendarmerie Command Search Rescue Teams (JAK) and Provincial National Education Directorate Search Rescue Teams, Province With the support of Private Administration Teams, Isparta Tourism Promotion and Nature Sports Club Association (ISTUDAK) Teams, Lake District Nature Sports Club (GÖLDOSK) Teams and Davraz Off-Road Club members, the exercise started with a 6.1 magnitude earthquake, which is the epicenter of Çobanisa village. The works were followed by Governor Ömer Seymenoğlu and Mayor Şükrü Başdeğirmen on site.

Right after the earthquake, a crisis center was created under the chairmanship of the Deputy Governor at the Provincial Disaster and Emergency Directorate, and the necessary coordination was achieved throughout the province. The calls received were quickly evaluated and search, rescue, health and firefighters were dispatched to the places where they were needed.

In the village of Çobaniisa, the epicenter of the earthquake, firefighters intervened. Governor Ömer Seymenoğlu and Mayor Şükrü Başdeğirmen, who followed the intervention on site, thanked the firefighters who responded to the fire in a short time and gave a certificate of appreciation.

Emphasizing that such exercises are very important for disaster preparedness, Governor Seymenoğlu said that the implementation of disaster plans on the paper gives the teams experience.

Avalanche Drill Made in Davraz Ski Center

Governor Seymenoğlu said, “The plans are not successful as long as they remain in writing. Now we implement the plans in the field with a scenario. If we do not apply our plans in the field, we cannot see our shortcomings. We made such a big organization to see this. Within this organization, there are representatives of all public institutions and organizations in our city. They all have separate tasks; search teams, rescue teams, help teams, many similar teams were created. Now we will have seen their work in the field. ” said.

After the fire, the teams received the warning that Davraz Ski Resort was avalanche in accordance with the scenario. Here, after the gendarmerie live search dog Leo identified the places under the avalanche, the process of removing the victims was carried out by the teams. The injured people who were removed from the abdomen were sent to hospitals by UMKE teams with ambulances. Later, two people trapped in the chairlift were successfully rescued from their places by the work of AFAD and JAK teams. The exercise was held with a team of 80 people, consisting of teams of public institutions and organizations and volunteers from non-governmental organizations.

Governor Seymenoğlu thanked all the teams taking part in the drill, which was carried out closely, followed by the rescue efforts.

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