ANKARAY Passengers Travel at Home Cleaning

ankaray passengers travel in house cleaning
ankaray passengers travel in house cleaning

EGO General Directorate Rail Systems Department started to perform internal and external cleaning of 33 trains used in ANKARAY with cream surface cleaners for the first time.

The trains, which carry about 110 thousand passengers per day and make 195 trips, are cleaned by using a team of 8 kilograms of surface cleaners by internal and external cleaning.


Cleaning and maintenance of heavily used in surface cleaners cream of citizens by applying for the first time in Turkey ANKARAY wagon is provided to travel more healthy and hygienic environment.

The cream surface cleaners used in the interior and exterior cleaning of ANKARAY wagons have received full marks from the capital residents, especially due to the increasing flu cases in the winter months.

Zeliha Kaya, Metro Support Services Branch Manager of the EGO Rail Systems Department, gave the following information regarding the first cleaning operation:

“We thought of doing the internal and external cleaning of our old trains running on the 24-year ANKARAY line with cream surface cleaners. We started to clean a train with 8 friends a day using 60 kilograms of cream surface cleaner. This is a practice we did the first time in Turkey both in Ankara. The difference between cleaning with normal cleaning products and cleaning with cream surface cleaners can be seen even with eyes. We plan to do the next cleaning according to the pollution status of our trains. We work for Ankara residents to travel in a clean and hygienic environment. ”

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