Altay: KonyaRay Commuter Line is as Important as the Metro

altay konyaray suburban line as important as metro
altay konyaray suburban line as important as metro

Konya Metropolitan Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay met with the press members in Konya and made an agenda assessment. Speaking at the program at the Seljuk Congress Center, President Altay started his speech by giving information about the programs and investments that were recently realized.

Konya Metropolitan Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay met with the representatives of local and national press organizations in the city and evaluated the agenda. Mentioning that the suburban line is as vital as the metro to Konya, President Altay said; stated that they plan to build 2024 kilometers of new rail systems by 65 with the new tram lines, the suburban line and the Konya Metro. President Altay stated that Konya obtained very important resources in the 2020 investment program and thanked President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.


Later, President Altay, who made a statement about the suburban line, whose protocol was signed recently, said, “We signed the protocol of KONYARAY with State Railways. The beginning of a vital project for Konya has been realized. We attach great importance to this project. Because it is a new beginning in terms of public transportation in Konya. In the first place, the tender of 17.4 kilometers starting from Konya Train Station to the airport will be held this year. In the second stage, we will have a total 26 km suburban line between Yaylapınar-Yeni Gar-Airport-OSB. Vehicle purchases will be made by our Metropolitan Municipality. Apart from this, all infrastructure and superstructure works will be built by State Railways. There is daily traffic from Meram and Karatay to the industries in our city. Especially with the abolition of the services in our Organized Industrial Zone, Konya will create a serious contribution to traffic there. Hopefully, we will have used the New Station and airport connection within 2 years. Thus, a public transportation opportunity will be created for the first time to the airport. Airport-New Station-Old Station will be connected on the public transportation line for the first time. This work is as important as Konya Metro ”.


Providing information about the latest developments in the Konya Metro, Mayor Altay noted that the work is progressing rapidly and said, “The construction phase has started. Hopefully, we would like to work on the field de facto with the spring. Konya Metro is the most important investment in the history of Konya. An investment of 1 billion 194 million lira is being made and we will have a 21.1 km metro line. In the construction of our subway, we open new streets for the construction to continue with the least disturbance in traffic. We started the actual operation of Sultan Abdülhamid Han Street. We plan to complete the first stage by the end of this year. Again, expropriation works have started in Celaleddin Karatay and İsmail Ketenci Streets. Thus, the transportation of Konya will gain a new process. Together with KONYARAY, metro, Barış Caddesi Tramway and City Hospital Tramway, we plan to make a new 2024 kilometer rail system by 65. This will be two and a half times longer than the current rail system we are using. Hopefully, we will give a good news as soon as possible with the tram of Barış Caddesi. ”

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