Afyonkarahisar Castle Cable Car Project to Tender

afyonkarahisar castle cable car project will be put out to tender
afyonkarahisar castle cable car project will be put out to tender

Afyonkarahisar City Council held its February meeting. Mayor Mehmet Zeybek, who made the opening speech of the meeting, expressed his condolences to our soldiers who died as a result of the attack carried out by the regime elements in Idlip, and condolences to our relatives and our nation; He wished urgent healing to our injured soldiers.

In the meeting, which started with the reading of the minutes of the previous meeting under the Presidency of Mayor Mehmet Zeybek, the Plan and Budget Commission Report on the determination of the overtime wages to be given to the Fire and Police Staff in 2020 was accepted from the commission.

Whether or not the participation share will be obtained

The meeting started with the discussion of the Public Works and Reconstruction Commission Reports. In the meeting where Traffic Commission Reports were accepted as accepted from the commission, the proposals from the relevant directorates were discussed.

Güvenevler District, 1839 Island, in the area where 1 Parcel is located, in the region to the south of Çetinkaya (Selçuklu) District, our city Center, Esentepe District, 4276 Island, 1 Parcel area and Çetinkaya (Selçuklu) District, 1070 Island, 1 Parcel area. Their proposals for the amendment were accepted unanimously. At the meeting, the proposal on “whether or not to take a share of our citizens for road and sidewalk expenditures” was accepted unanimously in the direction of “no participation share” of the Assembly Members.


The Municipal Committee was authorized to allocate free of charge and to determine the allocation conditions for the head office of the building, which is owned by our Municipality, on the Afyonkarahisar Center, Kayadibi Mahallesi, 341 Island, and 7 Parcels, for the headman services. The decisions taken by the City Council (such as the absence of fireworks at weddings and military nights, the use of Turkish names on billboards) were accepted unanimously.

The tender for the construction and operation of the daily and commercial facilities for the 25-year period of construction and operation of the cable car facility in Afyonkarahisar Castle and the cable car sub-station area within the scope of Afyonkarahisar Castle Environmental Regulation Project, in accordance with the State Tender Law No. 2886, was awarded to the Municipal Committee. authorization was accepted unanimously.

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