Railway Sites in Adapazarı City Center Announced

Railway site in Adapazari city was declared
Railway site in Adapazari city was declared

The section between the Adapazarı-Istanbul train pass in Beşköprü and Donatım was declared as the first degree Archeological Site.

According to the information received, Kocaeli declared a first degree Archaeological Site within the Regional Board of Preservation of Cultural Heritage with a railway and station building, a railway factory and its outbuildings and a railway line.

The region, which has been declared as 1st degree protected area, starts from the D-100 underpass located on the border of Serdivan Arifiye and continues until the level crossing in the Equipping section of the railway. The 1st Degree Archeological Site line includes the Mithatpaşa Train Station, 32 Evler level crossing area, the old 32 Evler Police Station and some of the TÜVASAŞ factory.

The Kocaeli Cultural Heritage Preservation Regional Board, which also declares the protection decision about this declared 1st Degree Archaeological Site, will not allow any new construction except for the structures registered in this region. With this decision of the Board, special zoning protection plans will be prepared within the regions within the boundaries of Adapazarı and Serdivan, which have been declared a protected area.

In other words, in this part of the railway, which is between the equipment level crossing and the D-100 underpass, no construction will be built and the development plans will not be changed.


The issue of moving the Adapazarı Train Station, which has been spoken in recent months, will also be affected by the decision of this site. As it is known, Adapazarı train station moved to the area where Mithatpaşa Station was located in 2017. Finally, Ekrem Yüce, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, announced that they had an idea about moving the station into Kent Park. With the decision of the Regional Board of Conservation of Kocaeli Cultural Heritage, no new building can be built on the line declared a protected area. So even if the station is moved, the area where the railway line is located will be closed to construction. Only units such as excursion arrangement, square arrangement, open car park, WC, ticket office, watch box can be built on this railway line. Within these areas to be built, permission will be required from the protection board.I candidates)

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