EU Ambassadors Discover Anatolia With Touristic Eastern Express

eu buyers discovered anatolia with touristic east express
eu buyers discovered anatolia with touristic east express

Head of the EU Delegation to Turkey Berger, Ankara ambassadors of the EU countries and their partners, who discovered the Anatolia Eastern Express Tourist fantastic ride.

The European Union (EU) -Turkey transport sector cooperation President rehire EU Delegation to Turkey organized under Christian Berger, Ankara ambassadors and spouses of EU countries went to Sarikamish from Ankara with tourist Orient Express.

under the Travel, Tourism on the Orient Express "EU-Turkey Business Association on" meeting was held.

Meeting, Transport and Infrastructure Deputy Minister Ömer Fatih Sayan Selim Dursun, EU Delegation to Turkey President Berger, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Denmark, Latvia, Romania, Portugal, Belgium, Malta, the Netherlands, Croatia, Finland, Ireland and Greece in Ankara ambassadors, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, General Director of EU and Foreign Relations, Erdem Direkler, TCDD Tasimacilik General Manager Kamuran Yazıcı.

The last stop of the ambassadors who visited Divriği Ulu Mosque in Sivas, the Double Stop Minaret and Three Kumbets in Erzurum, Kars with Karıkamış Ski Center was the first stop of Touristic Towards Express.

“The scenery, snow and rivers we see along the way are really beautiful”

Berger, said that about every place in Turkey, said that tourist Orient Express to see the north-east of the country and provide the opportunity to explore.

Turkey, which has become a symbol of the tourist train people showed great interest reminiscent Berger, "This is not surprising because the landscape you see along the way, snow, rivers, really beautiful. Actually, we were going to make this trip in autumn, but they said 'wait for the snowfall'. It is a really beautiful image. ”

Tourist ride the Orient Express for the first time in this region, but Turkey is not the first time that expresses Berger, Divriği district of Sivas, told the 100th anniversary of the Sivas Congress come.

“I Think Ankara-Kars Route Is Special”

Hrvoje Cvitanovic, Croatia's Ambassador to Ankara, stated that he went to Kars and Erzurum for skiing last year and stated that he liked the historical beauties of the region.

Stating that he had seen the Ani Ruins before, Cvitanovic said, “It is such a place that once you see it, it is not possible to forget, it is a very special place. I love all regions of Turkey but I think it is special in this region. Advertising of the ski center and this region should be done more so that everyone can see them. ”

“The Journey in the Eastern Express is a Fabulous Experience and This Train is a Symbol”

The Netherlands Ambassador to Ankara Marjanne de Kwaasteniet also described his journey in the Touristic East Express, which he had for the first time, as a "magnificent experience" and suggested that this train trip, which became a symbol, be made on different routes and that Sivas's Divriği district was very impressive.

“There Must Be a Touristic East Express Concept on Different Routes”

Pointing out that they saw sophisticated artworks in Divrigi, Kwaasteniet said: “It is not possible to see the same refinery in Europe in the same period. Therefore, I think that this work affected gothic artists very much. It was really special. Also being on the train is very fun. We are in a community on the train, we had the opportunity to get close to each other within the community. We had dinner together, watched outside, chatted. Everything is very beautiful."

“I'm Sure More European Tourists Will Ride On This Train”

Belgium's Ambassador to Ankara Michel Malherbe thanked the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and TCDD Tasimacilik AS for the opportunity to travel by this train.

Ambassador of the coming together of the train, very wise initiative stated that Malherbe, every year, thousands of the Belgian and European tourists in Turkey in Antalya by plane to come on holiday here after making the resort is again returned to the plane to the country thus stated that seeing the inner zones, "the Belgian and EU tourists he can come to these wonderful places, after this trip, we will support the development of tourism in this region. ”

“Everywhere I Go Fascinates Me”

The Portuguese Ambassador Paul Leal da Silva, explaining that served in Turkey for 3 years, Turkey's beauty and the hospitality of the people most affected, he said. Voicing everywhere he went in Turkey itself spells Silva, "In the past the historical places, from different civilizations, I'm fascinated by their architecture." he said.

This trip, explaining that European Turkey an opportunity to create the impression of zooming Silva, said:

"Europe and Turkey, zoom in with the people we met where we can be visited on the question. Therefore, I think such travels have political added value. I am also very enthusiastic and enthusiastic about this trip. We are in a very nice trend, we are having a joint adventure. My first visit to eastern Turkey. I was very impressed by the Great Mosque. Thank you to everyone. ”

Christian Berger, Head of EU Delegation to Turkey while his wife Marilena Georgiadou-Berger said that the marvelous tourist Orient Express, "the train a beautiful, definitely worth the travel. The view is beautiful, everyone should make this trip once in their lifetime. ”

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