When will Keçiören Kızılay Metro be put into service?

When will the kecioren kizilay subway be put into service?
When will the kecioren kizilay subway be put into service?

AKM-Train Station-Red Crescent subway works, which will provide direct transportation between Kızılay and Keçiören, are planned to be completed next year. When the new line goes into service, citizens will not have to do a hop-on hop-off at the AKM station.

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, published by the official website of the Mega Projects in Turkey with the newsletter ongoing construction of land, air, sea gave information about road and rail transportation projects. In the bulletin, the opening date of the AKM-Gar-Kızılay subway line operated by the Ministry is specified as 2021.

According to the bulletin's 'Ongoing Mega Projects' section; AKM-Gar-Kızılay subway works are planned to be completed in 2021, which will allow the passengers using the currently operating Keçiören-AKM subway to reach Kızılay without interruption. For the 3.3 km long line, which is designed as the second phase of Keçiören Metro and will connect the metro to Kızılay via TCDD YHT Station, “Construction work is ongoing. Thanks to the project, the passengers using the Keçiören-AKM Metro line (M4), which is currently operating, will be able to access Kızılay without interruption without interruption ”.



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