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Channel Istanbul
Channel Istanbul

Wealth Fund President Zafer Sönmez said that while Kanal is not currently in investment programs, they will make discoveries for the projects that the government has set as a strategic goal.

The Kanal Istanbul project, which has been discussed for years, has gained a new dimension with the statement of the Wealth Fund. Wealth Fund Chairman Zafer Sönmez answered the questions of Financial Times. In the news signed by Laura Pitel, Sönmez answered the question of whether there is a political effect on the fund due to the fact that the president of the fund is President Erdoğan: “Every asset fund is a political figure. The president of the Singapore Wealth Fund, the prime minister, for example, can it be said that this has no political ties? Or Prince Mohammed bin Salman, head of the Public Investment Fund in Saudi Arabia, has no political affiliation? ” He used his expression.


Chairman of the Fund Zafer Sönmez emphasized that Kanal Istanbul project is not in our list of Kanal Istanbul projects and that Kanal Istanbul is not ignored. Sönmez added that the fund will work for any means that the government has set as a strategic goal. "We look at feasibility and the economy, if it makes sense, we can invest," said Sonmez.

This statement from the Wealth Fund raised the question whether the Kanal Istanbul project will be canceled.

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